How to Pair Skirts with Cashmere Sweaters | UNIQLO IN

How to Pair Skirts with Cashmere Sweaters | UNIQLO IN

A skirt and a cool cashmere sweater can be worn round the year and suits every occasion. Read the article to explore and pair your favourite skirt with various cashmere sweaters.

How to Pair Skirts with Cashmere Sweaters

Going on a date and want to look gorgeous? Intend to be a fashionista on a winter night party? Want to be known as a style icon with your distinct choices?


The benefits to invest and indulge in a Cashmere Sweater are countless. A Cashmere sweater is loved for its softness and soothing feel. It is lightweight, elegant and feels blissfully luxurious. One important advantage is that it is easy to maintain and wash.


Try a chic combination of a lovely Midi-Length Skirt or any other type of skirt and a cool Cashmere sweater. It can be worn round the year and suits occasions including a date, a family get together, a friends’ evening out, at office, your weekend picnic and so on.


What is a Midi-Length Skirt?


A Midi-Length Skirt is, as its name suggests, a medium length skirt. Its hem reaches half way between the knee and the ankle.


The best benefit of the Midi-Length Skirt is its versatility. You can wear it round the year in any season, for any reason. In spring it looks charming. In winter you can pair it with a Cashmere sweater.




UNQLO has a lavish range of skirts for women. You will love to choose a favourite. Or make a collection of different styles and rock them with a suitable Cashmere Sweater.


The variety includes Flare Skirts, Midi Skirts, Long Skirts, Stretch Skirts, Skirt Trousers, Wrap Skirt, Jersey Skirt, Mini Skirt, Frilled Skirt and Gathered Skirt. There are so many beautiful possibilities to explore and match with various Cashmere Sweaters. Let’s discover how.


Look Sensuous


Pair a figure Hugging, slim-cut Women Stretch Skirt with a loose, turtleneck Cashmere sweater. You can wear a flowing Cashmere cardigan as well. Make sure the sweater is vibrant in colour and patterns.


Dress to kill

Contrast is always stimulating to the senses. Couple a tight fitting, bold looking Cashmere pullover with a relaxed, flared Midi-Length Skirt.


Belted Tucked Flare Skirt is ideal for this style. It is chic and elegant in its design. The material has an amazing sheen. You can flaunt its beautiful sway as you move gracefully. Put a monotone Cashmere Crew Neck Sweater on this skirt and you will stand out of the crowd.


Be a Style Icon


A pleated, fuller looking skirt looks great on a close fitting Cashmere sweater. It gives elegance to your silhouette. Pleated Jersey Long Skirt or a Chiffon Pleated Long Skirt is comfortable to wear.


Combine the patterns or colours in such a way that they complement each other in a flashier way. For example, a black or beige pleated skirt with a bright Cashmere sweater. The energy will be notices, anywhere, anytime.


Tips to Choose a Midi-Length Skirt that is perfect for you


  • Choose the style that flatters your figure
  • If you have a small, shapely waist, enhance it with figure hugging skirt
  • For a pear shaped figure with large hips wear an A Line skirt that will bring a balance to your proportions
  • If you are slender but with heavy hips, pick a high waist midi that will hide your hips but highlight your lovely legs
  • If you have a skinny, petite figure, any skirt will suit you but the flared one will look best


Once you have chosen your skirt it’s time to style yourself. An attire of Cashmere sweater and Midi-Length Skirt can be styled in various ways. Choosing your accessories right will work wonders for your look.


Choice of Accessories


A Midi-Length Skirt or any skirt for that matter has to be supported by suitable shoes. Footwear completes the overall look of the midi skirt outfit. Ballet flats, ladies boots or strappy sandals look really good on a date or an evening out.


You can transform your look into bohemian with a Printed Scarf in flora print, or a Cotton Silk stole for that free spirited charm. It adds that special touch to your outfit and makes you look youthful and raring to enjoy life. Long, dangling earrings will look great. Or wear any of your choice.


A Sunday brunch or a coffee break is on the charts. Put on a beautiful necklace and a bracelet. Want to captivate your date? Wear a vibrant Cashmere and pencil midi. Throw a Silk Scarf around your neck. Don’t forget to put on a red lipstick.

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