Basics of effective use of Push Notifications

Nowadays smartphone users are always hooked on to their devices. They are continuously browsing, looking for more information, buying products and what not. However, your business game can change completely if you start using the push notifications feature wisely in your Magento iOS App. If you have little or no idea about how you can use this feature optimally, then start taking notes as we walk you through the basics of push notifications for mobile app.



Push Notifications is a very prominent feature of mobile applications. This feature is very useful for keeping the customers informed all the time, but at the same time it helps the businesses to gain attention of a targeted group of audience in the most effective way. As a matter of fact, this feature is one of the most used and trusted promotion method.

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Being an inbuilt feature of the iOS app for Magento Store, this feature is cost-effective with higher chances of open rate. By informing the customers specifically about some offer or discount through notifications, you can very easily manage to get more positive response.


The best part about using this feature is that a user can see the piece of message in the notification, without forcing them to open it. However, good news is that you can easily master the art of crafting great content that needs to be shared with the customers through the notifications. Once customers receive the notification, they will for sure open it and land directly in your app.


Another thing that can be more helpful to you while working on the push notification is the kind of information you intend to share. Besides from being commercial in nature, your information should be highly personalized in order to appeal more to the customers. This can be easily done by segmenting your target audience and identifying them through their app using behavior.


In your strategy to get effective results by using the push notifications in your Magento iOS App, you must also remember that time plays a key role in determining the success rate of your notification message. For instance, knowing the peak hours of a day and frequency of time you share the notifications at, can help you greatly in getting good results.


Last but not the least, a good content always includes a mix of engaging elements such as a little text with self-explanatory images. But make sure that the content is quick and easy to load and conveys the message you want to give.


By following these very basic tips about using the push notifications effectively, you can get maximum benefit while at the same time keeping your customers engaged with your Magento iOS App. How do you use push notifications?


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