7 Everyday Activities That May Be Harming Your Feet

7 Everyday Activities That May Be Harming Your Feet

Are you suffering from sudden foot pain and have no clue what can be causing it? If you’re avoiding wearing high heels, maintaining proper foot hygiene, and still experiencing discomfort, it may be caused by your everyday activities

Keep reading to discover which activities may cause you foot pain and discomfort.

1. Being on your feet all-day
If your job makes you stand on your feet for a large portion of a day, it may result in severe stress, especially if there’s no opportunity for you to move around. Consider using your lunch breaks to do some simple stretching exercises. Stretching out your feet and legs can help achieve proper blood circulation and prevent strains.

2. Running and jogging
Running is great for your heart but not so good for your feet, especially if you’re a beginner. Running causes lots of repetitive strain on your feet and joints leading to instance foot pain, especially if you’re neglecting to stretch before the run. It can also lead to heel spur - a foot condition that occurs due to bony growth in your heel bone. This condition can cause pain and swelling in your heal.

3. Wearing uncomfortable shoes
Often, your problem can be caused not by the activity itself, but by wearing uncomfortable shoes while doing it. If you’re constantly wearing high-heeled shoes to work instead of reserving them for special events, you’re putting persistent stress on your feet. Shoes that are too tight or pointy, even if they’re flat, can also harm your feet by pushing your toes too close together causing conditions like bunions and hammertoes.

4. Driving for too long
If driving is your profession or if you just have to drive long distances regularly, it can be dangerous for your feet. While driving, you’re keeping your ankle in constant tension by pressing down on the gas and brakes. These repetitive movements can cause strain in your feet and legs and put stress on your tendons, potentially leading to pain and inflammation.

5. Dancing and working out
If you’re taking dancing classes or exercise by jumping, twisting, or making other rapid, repetitive movements, you can be causing damage to your feet. Hyman’s feet consist of many bones, ligaments, and tissues that are vulnerable to fast movements. So such activities can result in stress fractures. Remember to maintain proper technique while exercising and warm-up prior to every workout to prevent harming your feet.

6. You’re walking incorrectly 
It may be hard to spot on your own, so ask a friend to watch and check your walking technique.  If you’re stepping on the inside or the outside of your feet, this can be potentially harmful. These problems can occur due to uncomfortable footwear or hypermobile joints. Joint hypermobility means that your joints can move beyond the normal expected range. Gait abnormalities can pressure your feet and ankles and can cause permanent damage.

7. Trimming your nails in the wrong way
If you’ve ever experienced an ingrown toenail, you know how much pain it can cause. Try prevent ingrown toenails by cutting your nails straight across and avoid cutting them too short. By properly trimming your toenails, you can preserve them from cutting into the surrounding skin.

The bottom line
Consider checking your everyday activities to determine the cause of your foot pain and discomfort. Maintain proper technique while exercising or running and stretch if you’re standing on your feet all day. Avoid wearing shoes that strain or pressure your feet and check if you walk correctly. And if you’re still uncertain about the culprit of your problem, consult a podiatry specialist to discuss treatment options. 

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