How to ship a package: Different types of shipping services and solutions

How to ship a package: Different types of shipping services and solutions

Shipping products to your clients and customers is an essential part of your business. You can increase your customer base by offering to ship your products across and outside of your country. That's why the best option for you and your business would be to inform yourself about various shipping services and learn how to ship a package to your next client.

Once you start digging, you will be able to find a cheap yet reliable services that will deliver your products to your clients on time. Even if you're not a business owner, but you want to spend as less as possible on shipping, it's essential to learn that there are various ways to send a package, and it's in your best interest to determine which one works best for you.

Flat rate shipping

Every business owner is trying to save money and reduce expenses. There are various ways to spend less money and manage your budget. If you work with foreign clients, or you need to ship your goods to people who live in your country, it's time to learn how to cut your expenses and save as much as possible.

Inform yourself about different types of shipping and which one can help you reduce your shipping expenses. If you're selling clothes, jewellery, cosmetics or items that are hard to break, flat rate shipping might be the best solution for you. Once you decide to switch to this type of service, you will have to use flat rate boxes to pack your orders. That way, the weight, shape and size of your goods won't affect the shipping costs.

However, you will have to pay the standard rate that is calculated based on what type of flat rate box you want to use for your items. You will always be able to predict your shipping costs and avoid additional fees that often pop up out of nowhere.

Special handling services

If you're selling breakable objects or you need to send fragile mail that requires special attention, flat rate shipping is not the best option for you. Although it can save you a lot of money, a special handling service is here to protect your items from breaking or damaging. If your packages need to be shipped under specific circumstances, special handling procedures exist to provide these conditions.

People who need to ship certain live animals or bees to other parts of the country are familiar with special handling procedures because using this type of service is the only way to transport live animals across the country. Of course, you will have to pay an extra fee for their service, but at least you'll know that your clients and buyers will be satisfied once they receive their packages.

Long-distance shipping

Sending mail to clients from other countries can be tricky. You will have to pay for several transportation methods. That is because that's the only way to ensure that your clients will receive their package. There's a big chance that your mail will have to go through air or sea transport, but you will also have to pay for transport via truck once it lands.

If your goal is to save money, it's advisable to search for shipping companies that offer multiple methods of import or export of your goods. It's impossible to avoid additional fees if you decide to ship overseas, but there's a way to calculate your shipping costs before you send the package. Freight quote calculator will help you determine how much money you have to set aside. The calculations are based on the weight and size of your goods.

Transporting in bulk

Shipping costs are becoming cheaper, but some people are not willing to invest extra money to get one or two products. That's one of the major problems for small business, but there's a solution for that. Some business owners offer free shipping if their customers decide to invest a certain amount of money in their products. For example, you can offer free shipping if your shoppers spend more than 50 dollars on products from your online store. If that's not the solution, you're looking for, transporting in bulk can improve your financial situation.


Small business owners often struggle to find suitable shipping solutions that will keep them and their clients happy. Determine how can you benefit from investing in various types of shipping services. Offer your customers alluring deals and cover their shipping costs if they purchase more products, and keep in mind that some clients are willing to pay an extra price for delicate items that have a high value.

Always calculate your shipping costs before you send your package. You can easily avoid extra fees if you learn how to recognise what type of service you need for your next package. If you can’t afford to ship overseas, explain to your customers in a kind manner why your products are not available for buyers from other countries.

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