Tips To Enjoy an Exhilarating Snorkeling Trip with Whale Sharks

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Enjoying swimming or snorkeling with whale sharks in Cabo San Lucas will prove to be a once in a lifetime experience. By relying on a reliable Whale Sharks excursion trip provider in Cabo San Lucas, you will be able to enjoy the ultimate underwater experience.

For every thrill and adventure seeker, enjoying an exciting swimming or snorkeling will prove to be worth. As one of the most sought adventurous activity, the whale shark trip will take you to the underwater world where you will get an opportunity to enjoy snorkeling or swimming with world’s largest gentle fish- Whale Shark. 

The Whale Sharks are known as the largest fish species found on the planet, which are not dangerous at all. These fish species can grow up to 4-12 meters in length and weigh up to 23 tons. You need not have to be afraid about their enormous five foot wide mouth, which do not have any teeth!  

The Whale Shark tourism industry in Mexico is experiencing a growth, as every year a huge number of tourists and visitors are coming to enjoy an exhilarating snorkeling or swimming with whale sharks. Some responsible tour operators in Cabo San Lucas are found to be on the move for promoting sustainable whale shark tourism, which is good for the both the locals, tourists and the giant whale sharks.

Here are some great tips that will help you in enjoying a memorable swimming or snorkeling trip with the giant whale sharks:

1. When to Go for the Trip?

It is found that the whale shark watching or snorkeling season begins from as early as mid-May and runs all the way into September. To enjoy the best whale shark experience, you can plan to go during the low-season, because at this time there will be less number of tourists in Cabo San Lucas.

2. What is Essential for the Trip?

If you are relying on a reputable tour operator in Cabo, then it is not important to bring anything. As the Whale shark excursion provider will provide you all essential equipments and gears (such as wetsuit, snorkeling vests and more).

3. When to Arrive on the Day of the Trip?

There is a saying- “The early bird gets the worm”! One should arrive on the deck as early as possible to start a wonderful snorkeling or swimming trip with the whale sharks. Starting off early will help you spend more time in the water and avoid the crowd.

4. What to Avoid?

  • · Avoid putting on sunblock: Please do not put on sunblock lotions or creams when you are going for a whale shark excursion trip. As the chemical in your body lotions or creams will prove hazardous for the whale sharks. If you have applied the lotions or cream on your body, then take a shower before going into the water.
  • · Do not touch the Whale Shark: It is always advised to maintain at least 5 meter gap while swimming or snorkeling with the Whale Sharks.  
  • · Avoid Flash Photography: It is true that watching the giant whale sharks live is a rare activity, which needs to be preserved. In this case, carry a camera without flash, as it can irritate or cause discomfort to the whale sharks.


You need to rely on a reputable whale shark excursion provider in Cabo San Lucas to have the utmost fun and enjoyment. With them, you will be able to enjoy a stress free, exciting and safe swimming or snorkeling trip with whale sharks.  

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