Different Types Of Sports Therapies

By Marilyn Jones

Sports injuries are the ones that usually occur while taking part in organized competitions, sports, training sessions, or some organized fitness conduct. These injuries might occur for various reasons, including lack of appropriate safety equipment or footwear or improper training. These injuries generally are of two types:


  • Acute traumatic injury: These usually occur due to impact from any single application of force, for instance, getting a cross-body block while playing football.
  • An overuse or chronic injury: Chronic injuries are the ones that happen over a period of time. Chronic injuries mostly occur due to repetitive training, like running, serving a ball in tennis, or overhand throwing.


One can opt for different Manhattan sports therapies through which these injuries can easily be assisted:




Chiropractors are the professionals who treat and help to prevent the injuries related to the neck, shoulder, back, ankle, and knee. They are skilled in adjusting the spine manually, making sure that bones are balanced and lined up, as it helps in relieving tension in the body. This will allow the body become less prone to injury and to function better. The aim of most of the chiropractic techniques is to enhance or restore joint function and at the same time reducing pain and resolving joint inflammation.




This Manhattan sports therapy has given very successful results with injuries. A lot of professional sports teams have appointed acupuncturists on their staff so as to decrease the healing times and resolve obstinate ailments. The purpose of acupuncture is to treat severe injuries from repetitive or intense physical activities. Some specific acupuncture techniques and styles were used to stop the pain and considerably increase recovery time. Its use has increased in the field of competitive athletics that can cause similar injuries. Pain is the most common complaints among sports injuries accompanied by reduced function. The whole purpose of Acupuncture towards the treatment of reduced function and pain is to look at it as a disorder in the natural state of the body. The treatment is concentrated towards rectifying this disorder and stabilizing the internal harmony.




Dealing with sports injuries frequently requires physical healing. Physical therapy in Manhattan is used to help people rebuild their strength as well as movement in the parts of their body after an injury. It can also help people to manage the pain and avoid enduring damage and recurring problems.  Physical therapists are specially trained to help their patients for recovering post an injury. As a part of the therapy, they can teach stretches, exercises, and methods that use specific equipment to address problems.




Neuromuscular re-education is a procedure that is performed by rehabilitation therapists for restoring normal movement. Your muscles and nerves work to create movements.  Nerves transmit signals between the muscles and the brain about where, when, and at what pace to move. It is quite a complex procedure.  Theorists consider that over a period of time, nerve tracts are strengthened whereas muscle-movement patterns are stored and learned in your memory.


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Marilyn Jones is an expert in improving heath in traditional way. He has written many articles and blogs on benefits of seeking an alternative to traditional medicine to achieve and maintain optimal health. He recommends join Active Care Chiropractic and Natural Wellness Center as they understand the nature of your health.

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