Getting the Pews at the Church Just Right

By Matthew Simpson

It is not often that the pew bench at the local church needs updating. It is the norm for most churches to have pews that would last the lifetime of the church. This makes it important that the best possible church furniture is bought in the available budget. There are some compelling reasons that usually causes the church to be rearranged thus calling for the pews to be replaced.

Change of physical layout

As churches stand through time, they do cater to a congregation that is centered on its locality. As it happens with groups of people, they undergo demographic changes with time. It could be possible that the group has older members than before or that the new developments in the area have brought with it a fair share of young people. The changes in the people using the facility would also mean that the facilities on offer and the amenities like church furniture must keep pace with changing times bringing about a continuity of service.

Older people would naturally mean more people with disabilities. This could mean redoing the layout of the church to accommodate the differently able people. The aisles need to be wider and ramps should be laid in place of steps. The reorganization that does take place could at most times involve the rearrangement of the church pew benches. At times, a modern or newer version of pews that would not take up much space is required to accommodate the change that needs to be incorporated.

Quality of pews

There are some common points that would indicate the quality of pews in use at most churches. The use of a few steps that tells out on the standard of pews be it the construction or the finish is just what could set apart a quality pew from the ordinary church furniture

Double Rubs: This is a test done on the fabric upholstery that is used in the making of pews. It involves the rubbing together of the two pieces of fabric to test out the lasting power of the fabrics. Most commonly used material could well last a fair bit of rub before fading out.

Colors: As is seen in the fabric used in making the pew bench, the later shades of the material would be sharper than the old fabric. This calls for a matching to be done on most pews to retain the original look at all times.

Quality carpenter: It is not every day that church furniture needs to be made for churches. Thus carpenters that have had prior experience building pews are not easy to come by. The very specialized nature of work ensures that few people would have had experience in making pews. It is only an experienced carpenter that would understand the intricacies that goes into making of a church pew. 

All said and done, it is not easy to have the church pews done. But thankfully in this digital age it is possible to find expertise online. The most intricate of work can be got done by contacting websites, like bornagainpews.com, to set forth the right product every single time. Clients can take away the role of guesswork in getting church pews done and can be assured of a good product the first time itself.

About The Author

Matthew Simpson is an avid writer and blogger, whose major occupation is professional carpentry. He takes particular interest in antiques and church furniture, and is associated with many church furniture stores. He recommends www.bornagainpews.com for all requirements of church furniture.

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