How To Create A Natural Look With Wood Effect Tiles?

Wood effect tiles are now hugely popular since they are realistic, hard-wearing and flexible. Natural hardwood flooring looks fantastic and is highly desired, but they need a good deal of work to fit and maintain. Wood is susceptible to rust and damage from falling or scratching heavy furniture or equipment. Wood effect tiles are only as exquisite but are a lot more practical.

The primary benefits of utilizing wood effect tiles Rather than wood are:

You can use them together with underfloor heating.

They do not fade or discolour.

They are waterproof so won't blot or twist.

They are robust and less prone to harm.

No trees have been cut down to produce them.

Obtaining the organic appearance

When you are putting wood impact tiles, keep in mind that nature is not perfect. Whilst timber effect tiles such as the Lightwood Brown Matt Porcelain include many different unique effects inspired by natural wood grain, so they don't have infinite designs out there. For this reason, you have to mimic the randomness of character by ensuring that no repeating patterns are running throughout the tiles, such as this House Builders client has done.

Wooden parquet is an enduringly popular flooring in houses, and you may recreate this with all the ideal tiles. Consider placing them in a herringbone pattern, or utilize tiles such as our Metallic Wood Metalic Semipolished Porcelain design to mimic squares.

To attain the unfinished industrial appearance, try out the Inwood Dark, Grey Matt Porcelain tiles. They are ideal for kitchens or baths.

Which wood effect tiles to choose?

So we've established Walls and Floors have a huge selection of Wood Effect Tiles, but which should you actually go for? Well, if you're looking for something lifelike, they don’t come any more realistic than the Oak Effect Tile below! It has a highly detailed wood design on its skin, and it’s textured too; with knots and crevices in the surface of the tile, exactly like natural wood.

So, in summary, when going for the natural look this year, wood effect tiles are the way to go, and as far as realism goes, you can’t do much better than the Oak Wood Tile!


Among the tricks to creating wood, effect tiling seems natural is the smart use of grouting. Pick coloured grouting that is the closest fit to the darkest shade used on the tile. This may fool the eye into seeing the grouting as slopes instead of giving away that you are using ceramic!

Use them everywhere:-

Wood effect tiles provide a room with a hot and comfy feeling. They are sometimes employed to make a log cabin impact in almost any room or timber impact regions outside your garden or patio. You may even use these in moist rooms, that would unquestionably be unsuitable for wood. They're also practical, fashionable and long-lasting and that is why they're so common.

To know more about the wood tiles visit Orientbell.

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