How To Choose Your Weed Strains

Marijuana, Cannabis, Weed- call it by any other name; it has to provide the outcomes you seek. The only thing is that you should know how to pick your strain. A little knowledge helps. If you have the correct information, it’s easy to pick your favorite strain, mix varieties, and experiment. 

Weed strains have segregated into three main types 

1 – Indica - for relaxation, couch lock, deep slumber, and physical sedation 

2 – Sativa – uplifting, energy, alertness, physical activity for social gathering 

3 – Hybrid –both the traits, according to the need, either energizing alertness or sedating calmness 

Each class has its characteristics. You have to know about the effects and composition to pick up the right buzz. Here are some factors to consider when choosing your weed strain according to your needs and preferences 

1 – Cannabinoid profile  

The cannabinoid content or the chemical compounds in cannabis strain pack THC and CBD. Strains high on THC with no or less CBD will lend an intoxicating high, while the CBD on the higher side will relax you and produce a less heady or intense high. 

2 – The terpene part 

Terpenes represent the molecules in the weed plant that is responsible for the aroma and flavor. Plus, terpenes also support cannabinoids and other molecules in creating mind and body effects. On average, a single cannabis plant can produce more than 200 terpenes. Single strains have different terpene profiles and concentrations that carry different flavors, results, and aroma. 

3 – Environmental factors 

The minerals and nutrients in the soil are environmental factors that can affect the cannabinoid and terpene profile of a cannabis plant. Plants growing in the same region can be different due to variance in environmental conditions. 

For the final word 

Source your weed strain from a reputable seller, and read the labels carefully to get the right product. 

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