5 Work Management Tips for Engineers

5 Work Management Tips for Engineers

Proper work management is the key to a happier employee as well as increased productivity. It shows the company you can complete a project on time and within budget. As a result, there's a greater possibility to receive promotions or salary increases.


This is especially true for engineers. As the individuals who help create the look and operation of a product, their goals are scrutinized more. Thus, being as efficient as possible is a must.


There are ways to maintain your work management skills as an engineer. Here are 5 examples.

Save Your Work On The Cloud

Despite hard drive failures at the workplace beingless than 1%, there's still a risk of losing your data. This is mostly due to the lack of security built into your network. Should cybercriminals breach that system, your data can still be compromised.


To minimize these chances consider moving your work to a cloud environment. If your company hasn't done this yet, then ask that they do. The implementation of cloud services reduces the chance of cyberattacks. Furthermore, you have the ability to quickly recover your data from redundant servers if something should happen.

Digitize Your Blueprints

Even with today's technology, there are moments where you need to do things by hand. As an engineer, one of those tasks is generating blueprints for the products you create. However, these papers can get lost or damaged if not protected.


To ensure there's always a copy, ask your company to consider blueprints to CAD conversion services. Companies like Drawing Specialists understand the best ways to digitize your blueprints so they don't lose their quality. Additionally, they attempt to save it at a size that is manageable for retrieval on any type of device.

Apply The 80/20 Rule

Engineers tend to have many projects going at one time. Unfortunately, all of them seem to be a priority for the various managers and teams. This can frustrate you to no end. So, when it comes to this, apply the 80/20 rule.


In short, 80% of your results are generated by 20% of your actions. If the latter is divided into every task, then you have a harder time reaching the upper-end of results. Therefore, you need the 20% to represent the most critical tasks. Your results and productivity increase as each project is completed on-time.

Don't Become A Helicopter Engineer

When someone is designated a helicopter parent it means they micromanage their children. The same can be said if you're an engineer and a team leader. If you hover over other people as they do their work their productivity will decrease. It might come to the point that they leave the company.


What you need to do in these situations is delegate. Utilize assistants to help you control the flow of projects instead of looking at each one. Should conflicts or issues arise, you can be available to listen and provide suggestions for resolutions. Through this method, you can decrease your anxiety and focus on your own projects. This will also help you build a good trust relationship between you and your team which will help your whole operation become more efficient. 

Utilize Management Tools

Technology is available that allows you to track your time and progress on a project. For instance, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) package is a comprehensive tool to report your activity through several departments.


Fortunately, ERPs are highly customizable. Thus, modules can be created to the specifications of your team and management. Through this package, you can provide necessary updates and timetables without sitting through unproductive meetings.


The above items are good starting tips for your work management. Organization, tracking the time for each project, and reviewing your day's progress also help increase your productivity. However, they only work if they're applied.


You don't have to implement them all at once. Like any project, you need to take it slow and adapt where needed. Don't give up on those tasks if they don't work out the first time. Instead, pull back, investigate what happened, and try again. It wouldn't be any different than what would be done if one of your projects failed.


Work management takes time to create. The more you push through, the better the outcome. In fact, when others see how well you do, they might ask for advice on their own work management practices.

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