9 Disruptive Technologies of this century

Wondering what technologies are coming our way in today’s world? Well here are some of the disruptive ones that we thought should be brought to your attention.
These future technology devices are certainly those we cannot turn our heads away from!

Autonomous vehicles: This is going to be a complete revolution in the automobile sector. An autonomous car or a driverless car is a vehicle that is capable of sensing its environment and navigating without human input. Autonomous vehicles detect surroundings using radar, LIDAR, GPS, Odometer, and computer vision. Although, companies like Google and Tesla are in the phase of developing the technology, they have successfully conducted a demo with such cars. Well, you never know such cars with advanced technology systems can be seen on your roads in a couple of decades.

Robotics- Artificial Intelligence: The technology of building robots has been in the phase of development since many years now. With companies like Honda and others, there are many phases which the companies are going under to make this a big success. These future technology devices will be programmed so well that they can help you in daily household chores, work in restaurants as waiters and more.

Advance Material- Materials that are self-cleaning and self-healing: Just like robots, there are devices being developed which can easily bring a lot of change in the way we clean our homes. A device which is easily portable, kept in a small space in your home. These advanced technology systems will help you clean your entire house without moving an inch. However, this technology has been holding many such evidences that it does exist, yet the development is not complete yet.

Genomics- Genetic related diagnosis possible by regular doctors on their desktops: As super computers make the enormously complicated process of genetic analysis much simpler, the developers foresee a world in which “genomic-based diagnoses and treatments will extend patients’ lives by between six months and two years in 2025." Sequencing systems could eventually become so commonplace that doctors will have them on their desktops.

Renewable Energy- Wind and Solar Energy: This technology must have gotten old but the kind of disruption it has made has brought a revolution. With natural resources like wind, solar and even water for that matter has brought a big change in the way we see energy today. These natural resources are highly used today to conserve energy and use it whenever a shortage is observed.

3-D Printing: A technology which no one had ever thought that objects could be printed within hours. 3D printing, a machine which can actually print plastic objects within hours. A major source online had once revealed an entire house was printed from the machine itself. Though it takes a lot of time to print it, it prints it perfection. Each inch and millimeter is taken care of by the machine.

Automation of knowledge work- Computers will replace 140 million knowledge workers by 2050: Automation is knowingly or unknowingly one of the most disruptive technologies which many companies are in the phase of developing. Mostly, current automation companies are mostly based out of India and has been used by many companies to manufacture perfect products without wasting much time. Sports goods, packaging, soft drink companies are some sectors which have been using the automation technology since a while now. Although, this will affect the jobs of workers in future.

Internet of Things- Currently 99% things are not connected to internet: A technology which has recently stepped in the world of technology recently and has been developing day by day. This technology is said to change the entire perception of internet in a more personalized way. Moreover, this technology will be able to help a wide range of sectors to communicate with their customers in a more effective way. With this, the entire customer service will change and companies will be able to help their customers efficiently, taking care of their needs and more.

Cloud Technology- Powering start-ups to the level of MNCs: What is a cloud? Well, not really what you are thinking, it is actually the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer. This is one of the most demanding and highly used technology by many IT giants across the globe. This way space on devices are saved and the data is kept well secured without thinking about its loss.

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9 Disruptive Technologies of this century, 9 Disruptive Technologies of this century,

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