One of the most frequently visited tourist place for the people of Kolkata is Digha. Be it a weekend holiday or a weeklong vacation, the name of Digha always tops the list of the places to visit. It is the most frequently traveled place for a reason. The serene and breezy beaches, the delicious seafood, and various activities make Digha a major tourist attraction at all seasons. Hotels by the beach present a beautiful view of the beach, right from the hotel rooms. This adds to the happiness gained from the trip by Such as Relook Hotels.


A trip to Digha is always packed and filled with excitement and joy. There are many places to visit and many activities to do in Digha. Relaxing at the Best hotel in Digha and visiting the beautiful tourist spots can certainly make some of the most memorable and enjoyable trips at the end.


Some of the places to visit in Digha are:


  1. Marine Station of Zoological Survey of India


This is also known as MARC. This stands for Marine Aquarium cum Regional center. This particular place is a must-visit for the people visiting Digha. It is renowned for having India's largest built-in aquarium. This is a major tourist attraction and has about three kinds of creatures in the aquarium. The three kinds include- freshwater species, species that hold conservative significance, and local, curious species. This makes it a spot of excitement and curiosity. 


2.     New Digha Beach


Another tourist place in Digha that holds equal importance is the serene beach of New Digha. The Hotels in Digha are quite easily available. Getting one by the sea beach of New Digha can be a blessing. The New Digha beach is artificially made by man and is larger than that of the Old Digha beach. For the tourists that search for a calm and quiet place, The Best Hotel in New Digha along the calmness of the less crowded sea beach is the best destination.



3.     Udaipur Beach


This beach is all about calm, lonely beach walks or refreshing sea bathes in the waters and a bike ride through the sandy beach. This beach is marked by stretches of the deserted seashore, which makes it another ideal destination for the tourists that search for a calm and tranquil environment at Digha. Some of the best hotels in Digha provide the perfect lounging place. Such as the Relook Hotel in Digha. An ideal lounging place lifts the tranquil atmosphere of the place.



4.     Shankarpur Beach


Shankarpur is known to be a spot for the fisherman. Moreover, several temples in Shankarpur that become a must-visit. This destination has a wonderful combination of the serene beach and the pious aura of the temples. This makes it a wonderful tourist attraction for the people traveling to Digha. The absence of too many interruptions helps in enjoying the white sand and the clear waters of the Shankarpur Beach.


5.     Digha Science Centre and National Science Camp



This is another energizing and fascinating site to visit with regards to Digha. It is situated in New Digha and having a hotel rented in the place such as New Digha Sea Beach Hotel, can make the trip very efficient. The Digha Science Centre and National Science Camp is a fun-filled destination, packed with 3D theatres, reflection galleries, the light, and sound Jurassic Park Experience. This sums up a joyous ride through the wondrous world of Science. 


Digha is filled with numerous buoyant places to visit and some of the best hotels to stay in. thus, making Digha an undoubtedly superior and most attractive place to travel at all seasons.

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