Different Types Of Generators And Their Unique Features

The world today survives based on the production and supply of goods, and for each step in this process, there is a need for power. For every aspect of living, be it transport or some appliance, mining operations, construction or business uses, electric power has become an inseparable part of the lifestyle. For every business trading and delivery operations, every activity involves the use of electricity to accomplish. However, the high power demand has led to the need for the development of a better capacity for power grids. But the unceasing rise in population has led to the failure of power grids all across the globe. There have been reports of main power grid failure which led to the need for alternate sources of power. You must have come across the words backup power systems, standby devices, and much more. 


The backup power systems are quite a necessity in today’s times as you must have come across equipment such as Diesel Generator sets, solar generators, and many more. With the rise in the number of production units, they have become quite popular for each commercial as well as domestic sector. 

Types Of Generators 

Generators are equipment that generates electricity by use of some fuel source. This could vary with the type of current produced such as DC or AC, however, they function on the same principle of electromagnetic induction. They are used for various applications in hospitality, business as well as domestic use. To know more about them, given below are the types of generators based on applications. You have some unique features about them. 

Portable type generators 

One of the most popular types of generators in recent times that are known for their functional aspects is the portable type generators. With a diverse variety of demands for power and continuous migration becoming a necessity for businesses, power needs have made portable generators a must-have for every business. To add to the fact, these generators could also be used for domestic purposes of pool parties, picnics, and a lot more. They are well known for their multi-purpose, high-efficiency applications. Portable generators are usually available in varying sizes based on power requirements. They are quite suitable nowadays for agricultural needs such as drip irrigation, power tools, retail shops, and many more applications. 


They are quite handy for power outages and can be the perfect equipment for abrupt outages during rough weathers, and storms. As far as its working is concerned, the generator uses a combustion engine for generating mechanical energy. They could be used at any remote facility and have enough power capacity to handle refrigerators and Television sets. 

Inverter generator sets 

As the name suggests, the inverter generators are used for better use of the power that is produced initially. This is usually done by inverting the same. To account for the working part, these generators produce an Alternating current which might be quite unstable. However, to solve the issue, the generator uses a rectifier to convert the same to Direct current (DC). Furthermore, the final step involves the conversion of DC to the Alternating (AC) current. This is a unique characteristic of this generator as it is unlike any other alternatives and helps achieve the continuous supply of electric power. 


Some other characteristics involve the use of advanced technology of electric circuits which involve electromagnets. Further, the same also has power-efficient since they have the self alternating engine mechanism.  They find applications in boats, automobiles, recreational vehicles, and a lot more. These are quite suitable for specific voltages and involve a particular frequency. One of the most vital characteristics is that they find applications in compact purposes and also for light in weight uses. This helps a lot in easily fitting them in boats and cars, hence useful for 3 phase power supply purposes. 

Standby generators 

The first generators were devised for the abrupt power outage use for the emergent uses. This means these generators could very well handle the full load capacities without a large delay. To give evidence to this, diesel generators are a good example of these types as they could take up full load handling in less than 10 seconds of delay. This makes them widely preferred equipment for power backup demands. The use of this type involves simple fuel-based resources and has simple steps for the switching mechanism. 


The mechanism involves the quick startup and switches from a failed power grid supply to generator power usage. To perform the same smoothly, the use of an automatic transfer switch is advisable. It helps in a smoother transition from one power source to the other. Thye usually find applications anywhere and everywhere such as offices, residential buildings, hospitals, automobiles, and many more. Their most vital features include automation, continuous power supply, and smooth transition, which conducts self-supervision. These generators also find their position well established in elevators. 

Industrial generators 

With every distinct use of a generator, the design characteristic tends to get flexible. This easy design of generators for industrial purposes has been so that they could suit a variety of extremes. The industrial generators are usually quite robust and could be seen available ina number of variants depending on the size of the production unit and capacity. These generators could be customized as ell based on the type of usage. These generators are well known to be found in a similar category as portable generators and can be run by gasoline, petroleum, and many more fuel types. 



With a huge variety of options available, Diesel generators usually have been the most popular of them all. This may be due to their better fuel economy, mobility, or rapid start-up times. All types of generators are found to be of value in an emergent situation, given that you choose the right size and brand. As the market trend suggests a yet higher peak for the generator and other alternative forms to be reached, so make sure you choose your decision wisely. Also, remember that deciding late is better than regretting later.


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