How To Speed Up Your Computer?

'Time heals all wounds' is a popular saying that doesn't apply strictly to the computing world. Either it will happen all of a sudden or gradually over time, but working with a slow computer is seriously frustrating. Time is also known as the biggest cause of the slowdown of hardware on laptops. A high strain is placed on the limited memory of a laptop and its hardware capacities with the increase in usage, downloads, and installation. There are numerous computer supporters in Melbourne that offer quality PC optimization services at affordable rates.


A slow computer can cost both time and money over the long run. Nowadays the internet is full of supportive tools as well as utilities that can be downloaded and used to accomplish numerous tasks, however, they also have a tendency to accumulate over time. You can take some steps to give some boost in the performance department. Here are some ways with which you can improve the speed of your PC along with its overall performance.


Limit the programs at startup & Uninstall crapware:-

With the use of some simple decluttering and a few technical operations, it is possible to speed up even the slowest computer. The latest windows like Windows 10 has the latest Task Manager that can help you in choosing what to start on your own and what you want to be run in the background. For accessing the Task Manager, just press Ctrl-Shift-Esc. With this, a box with the lists of all the applications that were already installed on your PC will appear. With this, you will also get a detailed account of the total RAM used by each program, when you start your computer.


For the adjustments or changes, a right-click on the application shows you the option to run it or not. In case you will feel that a program is having an impact on your PC then, you can change the settings. You can also simply click on the right of the unwanted app and choose Uninstall. This will help in removing the programs that install side processes and run each time when you start your PC. To see the results, just restart your PC. Removing the unnecessary programs from the startup will boost the performance of your PC.



Check for spyware and viruses:-

It is impossible to avoid viruses sometimes while browsing the web, however, there are various spyware and viruses available online and in the market that has made it easier. Spyware and virus can decrease the speed of your PC and may even hang it. Antiviruses are a good alternative to find malware. They are not just effective but are also easy to install. However, some of such software are very heavy and slows down the PC speed. They also take more space. It is better to look for software that will give better results without taking much space and slowing down your PC.


Adding more RAM:-

More memory can always potentially speed up the operations of a PC. Many windows adding RAM is not an option. However, Windows 10 efficiently manages the memory than the earlier versions of the OS. You can try for options available in the market like products that can help you in adding more RAM to your PC. You can also use Hard drives, etc. to transfer the unimportant files and free up some space from your PC.


Fresh start:-

For increasing the speed of the PC, you can use the Fresh start option of the Windows Security app. However, it has a risk of removing some of your installed programs, while keeping your personal files.


With the use of the above options, you can boost up your computer. You can also go for experts like computer supporters in Melbourne that can help you by providing quality computer optimization services. so you can enjoy using a fast PC at affordable rates. 

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