Wanna just be a Freelancer or a Digital Marketer?

Wanna just be a Freelancer or a Digital Marketer?

This choice is yours. You can be a freelancer or a well-sounded digital marketer. Indeed, in the former choice, you are on your own. However, in the latter, you will be in a pre-defined agency where you will work for a business in a much-stipulated manner.


After commencing graduation, many start thinking of working as a freelancer for a profession (just to gain experience from the field before stepping out for professional working). However, one needs a streamlined approach towards the profession rather than running from post to pillar for work. If you do not want the latter to happen, you need to get enrolled in one of the best digital marketing institutes to upscale your basics.

Counting upon the previous year’s online shift, we have come across a giant iceberg. Online marketing is that iceberg that has now taken its shape, starting from promoting your business to opening various gateways for your clientele to approach your business. It is all set and settled for businesses to get embellished and gain more.

Pluses of Digital Marketing Course

If you enroll in any digital marketing course, what will you learn?

  • Enhance your creativity and skill. 
  • Improve your marketing skills along with strategy making, and sharpen your creatives.
  • Discover the professional in you.
  • Open gates to a wide range of career options.
  • Incorporate flexibility in your work culture

Well, let me correct this, the above pluses have not been mentioned for luring you to go forth for digital marketing. It is only there to make it clear from the beginning.

A digital marketing career is an inching option for newbies to choose as they are fresh with ideas and energy. 9 to 5 job can be a personal choice, but if one needs something more from ‘Roz ka dal-chawal’, then Digital marketing is the new form of online discipline that opens the doors of the businesses that have been sticking to mortar and brick theory.

Let me share a real-life example that we all have experienced in 2020.

Earlier, we all loved to visit shopping complexes, local bazaar, and malls for our purchase. It was like going out for a shopping spree was the ultimate time spent in the day. However, after the outbreak of novel coronavirus, how many have gone out shopping for fun?

According to data achieved from GroupM, the stats released show a sharp jump in the retail e-commerce industry. Additionally, the analysis has also found that geographic areas with lower e-commerce intrusion like Australia and Canada have shown a spike this year where online commerce has already become a big player before the pandemic hit.

So, how does it happen?

Of course, through digital marketing.

Remember, e-commerce itself cannot invite people to shop from its pages. It needs a tool to attract its audience to its pages. 

So, to make everything possible, you need to enroll yourself in the best digital marketing institute. 

Key Benefits of Joining the Digital Marketing Institute (and hurling for a decent job)

  • Covers trending topics
  • Encourage soft skills
  • Personality development
  • Certification
  • Live workshop
  • Training in a digital marketing firm
  • Commencing growth
  • Affordable fee
  • Scaling career opportunities.  

There is no doubt in claiming that digital marketing is an ever-changing scenario that is getting evolved repeatedly. Through the best digital marketing institute, you can understand the working culture that the firm experiences nowadays, rather than sitting at home and working tirelessly as a freelancer.

Even if it is your work, you straightway need a business to stay connected because idealism witnesses no recognition in the industry.

If you choose to stay connected with a digital marketing course (that accounts for 6 months), you get an upper hand to get absorbed in the industry or the in-house business from where you can start.

Being in one of the best digital marketing companies, it is important to claim that the field requires a commitment to learn and explore more. Here, you will not be asked to stick to the 9 to 5 time frame.

Here, you can spend your whole day in research and analysis. Other days can take up your half-day in managing things and maybe you can call for a client’s review. 

There is nothing static here. However, you need to bring out ideas that are sharp and smart at the same time. 

What you will learn from Digital Marketing Institute?

  1. Fundamental of Search Engine Optimization
  2. Business Website SEO
  3. E-Commerce Website SEO
  4. Fundamentals of Social Media Optimization
  5. Google Ads
  6. Preparing templates for websites and apps
  7. Customize user-interface
  8. Website designing
  9. Basics of content marketing and preparing creative copies
  10. Learning technical writing
  11. Learning the ABC of Graphic designing
  12. Improving designs and learning designing tools

Well, one can call digital marketing a fun-saturated approach. However, that isn’t the case.

Digital marketing is a damn serious discipline that helps take everything online in today’s competitive era. A freelancer on the other hand in a single-handed tribe who doesn’t have many extensions of other disciplines.

On other hand, a digital marketing agency is a whole army that is infused with the success of your online business. This includes:

  • Greater consistency: While working in a digital marketing institute, you cover almost every aspect of marketing. Be it blogging, website development, SEO, SMO, PPC, and others. A marketing agency is a team of experts, rather than a single person handle (freelancer)
  • Expertise: One’s experience is seen in his work.  Be it any sort of work, it is acceptable if it makes sense to one’s business, agency, or person (client).
  • Quality assurance: It’s not just an agency, it is a professional working from where quality-driven work is expected and delivered. It is said that digital marketing agencies work on a strategic, streamlined path that prioritizes your audience.

So digital marketing is not like any other industry that works for bread and butter for its team-mates. The agency here tries hard to put its best foot forward every time it is seen dealing with any business all around the world. 

So, now the ball is in your court.

To reach great heights, you need to go in a streamlined way. If you think that freelancing can bring you a good job, it is better to rethink.

There are multiple digital marketing institutes in the country. It is your call which one to choose…

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