Top 5 ways to hurt your business with social media

Top 5 ways to hurt your business with social media

This generation is ruled by digitalization and the various social media platforms. It is a fact that social media has both advantages and disadvantages. There might be instances when social media might damage an organization's image and might end up ruining the hard work they have put in to run their businesses. But with the growing trend of online marketing, start-ups or businesses cannot skip the process of social media marketing. So, the best way is to be smart enough to use online marketing techniques so that you can avoid harm to some extent.

On this note, we can know about the things that hurt your business when it comes to social media.

Unanswered questions: social media has come up with a few new techniques and engagement post ideas so that the company remains connected to its clients. So, there is a facility where the brand can ask the customers and followers to ask them a question and they shall answer them. It is a great game to engage your followers and have a positive insight but it requires constant interaction from the brand's side as well. If the brand leaves the questions unanswered, it has a poor impression and makes you think why did you do it in the first place.

Personal opinions: A brand can never have personal opinions on any religion or on matters of politics because it is an entity that has to serve everyone irrespective of its beliefs. So, putting out your opinions in public might offend the followers of those political parties and religions and one might end up losing clients. That is why it is better to keep the social media conversation starters light and fun.

Annoying behavior: there are many brands who take up challenges for a period of 21 days or 30 days to put across a message or some even get influenced by the 100 social media posts ideas and in the process of trying to be interactive, they start annoying the followers which end up unfollowing them because they aren't interested in seeing your posts 10 times in a day. There is a difference between being interactive, engaging, and annoying.

Too many people for the same work: there are a few organizations who end up making bigger teams than required to make the task easier but on the other hand the task becomes more difficult because of the confusion and chaos. When more people manage social media accounts, there might not be any clarity and quality in the work. Even the Facebook conversation starter tools used might not be utilized to their best.

Where to build a boundary: sometimes, in order to save themselves from being insulted, embarrassed, or criticized, the brands end up making their social media platforms private. It is one of the silliest things one can do. Your customers shouldn't need an entry pass to know about your new services and products. You need to make them feel welcomed and doing it this way is definitely a wrong start.


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