The different parts of the essay and writing

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On this page you get an overview of the parts scientific texts usually contain. Especially it concerns essays at The Bachelor's and master's level but the structure is often the same in, for example, a memo or a scientific article. Also ask your teacher or supervisor about what applies within your subject!

This page summarises the main elements of the structure of the scientific text. For a more detailed description we recommend the SLU library's modules for scientific writing contain tips for the writing process and the linguistic design.

Time to write independent work (canvas)

What the text should look like within your subject and at your institution may differ from what is presented here. It is therefore important to have a dialogue with both supervisors and other students on your education.

Abstract (summary)

Before the main text starts in a very brief summary of the text. A summary of the work should be available in English for all independent projects.

The abstract is there to arouse interest and give a brief overview of the contents of the essay. The text should therefore be short but still contain the most important of the essay. Therefore, remember to mention something about both the purpose, method, results and the conclusion.

Under the abstract, enter your keywords. These are mainly used to make it easier for others to find your essay. If you are unsure which words describe the content of your essay best, you can consult with the supervisor. For questions, you can also contact the library of University of Regina.

Table of contents

After the abstract comes the table of contents. The table of contents allows the reader to orient themselves in your text and shows how the content is hierarchically structured. The table of contents contains both chapter and section headings (up to three headings). In the library's essay template, the table of contents is automatically formatted to standard for SLU essays. Bachelor's and master's theses should contain a table of contents, but for minor tasks this is rarely a requirement.

In an essay, pagination begins with the introduction of the essay. Content placed before the table of contents is also not listed on this page. Read more about service purchase eessay can be found on buy essay canada service.

After the table of contents, it may sometimes be advisable to also have lists of the tables and figures that are in your essay. Consult with your supervisor if needed in your essay.


In the introduction, you present the social and scientific background of the text. Tell readers why they should continue reading your text. Why is the topic topical and important? Why is it interesting from the perspective of your subject? In the introduction, present relevant background information that the reader needs to understand your purpose and your research questions.

Avoid frequent mistakes

In order to avoid mistakes when writing an essay or essay, it is important to read the created text at least once more, so that as few mistakes as possible remain in it. You should do this really thoroughly. It is not only about spelling mistakes, but also the same words should not be repeated often in the text. In addition, too long sentences are also not suitable, since they can be harder to read and, in addition, the risk of making a mistake in commas increases.

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