Types of Wedding Bands for Women

Choosing the right wedding bands for women has become more and more of a challenge than in the past for the mere fact that there is now a large variety available to suit the needs of different women. In this fast growing modern world, individuality shines more than ever, thus, the endless choice of wedding bands for women. From styles to designs, elegant to classic and modern to intricate, the list is endless. Nevertheless, the classic wedding band withheld the tough competition throughout time and remains a favorite among women.

The carved band

One of the new-age favorite among women seeking a wedding band is the carved band. The carved band is basically a modified version of the classic wedding ring. Its name is derived from the fact that it has engravings into it and often times also include carved motifs or even patterns. All this is made to look very classy and artistic without making it over the top. This is the type of ring women seeking something more original will generally choose.

The three-stone wedding ring

This is a typical example of a modern yet meaningful wedding band. The three-stone wedding ring is a classic wedding band but includes three stones in a row. The three stones are said to signify the past, the present and the future life of the newlywed couple. It is made in such a way that it retains a perfect balance of dignity and flashy. The concept of a ring symbolizing a couple life cycle of a couple has made this ring very popular among young couples.

The eternity wedding band

Another very popular ring nowadays is the eternity wedding band. What makes this ring strikingly beautiful is the fact that it has diamonds set into it all around. Generally the diamonds comes in 25 to 50 carat and the final look is just breathtaking. It is not only sparkling but has also the deep signification of an eternal life together. This ring is all about making a statement of unbreakable union with elegance.

The classic wedding band

This wedding ring hardly needs any introduction. From grandmothers to newlyweds this ring is seen on every age group. This ring can never go wrong as it pleases every woman. If in doubt while choosing the perfect wedding ring, go for the classic band. every woman needs to feel individual and presenting them a classic wedding band gives you the advantage of changing it to her choice afterwards since it can easily be converted to the three-stone wedding band as well as the eternity wedding band. You just need to set in the stones and the job is done.

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