Why Contests are Good for Your Career as a Poet

Why Contests are Good for Your Career as a Poet

What makes a good poet? How can you become the next Keats or Lehman? Poetry is a booming field of practice and it has a shortage of practitioners. Think about the number of poets that you can name from the top of your mind. You would be shocked to know that there is actually a healthy number of poets out their fighting for causes and campaigning for love through their finely crafted words. You too can be a poet. If you have a passion for using words, poetry might be a field of literature that you may find really exciting for you.

How to get started?

This is typically the hardest part – starting! What should you do to get started? Do you need a brand-new laptop? Do you need to speak to your local publishing house for a deal? Should you write 20 poems first before even approaching the publishing house? Starting should not be complicated at all especially now that you are able to submit your work to free poetry contests from any corner of this planet.

It is advised that if you want to get into the world of poetry, the first thing to do is to simply start writing. Put those words together and then proceed to advance your style, try out other styles and enter the poetry competitions. It may seem like such a scary thing to submit your work to be criticized by a bunch of people who do not know you. It is a very vulnerable time, but competitions are actually very healthy for your poetry career in several ways:

* Free feedback

You may not win the contest but here is one thing more valuable than a trophy, feedback. It is in competitions that you will get professional and objective feedback. Remember your family and friends may not give you the truth for fear of hurting your feelings. In a competition you will not only get feedback but from experts in the field.

* Publicity

Publicity, exposure – whatever you may want to call it – is one of the main advantages of submitting your work into poetry competitions. More people than your close circle get to see your content. Who knows it may capture the attention of a publishing agent? The opportunities abound.

* Motivation

Sometimes you will struggle in your poetry career. Even the greatest poets and lyricists you can think of struggled with moving forward at some point in their careers. The thing about free poetry contests is that they can renew your fire and passion for poetry enough to keep you going for years. Additionally, you will get ideas from other poets who submit their work to the competition.

* Make a contribution to poetry

Do not look down on your work and compare it to someone like Shakespeare’s. You have probably been writing poems for 5 years, some of the professionals have been at it for 15 years even more. Submitting your work into a poetry contest is beneficial to the whole world of literature in its entirety. Always remember, there are things you may think are common knowledge but is rather a skill that you have honed. You can shape the poetry field through your innocent submission.

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