Thinking like an Environmentalist

We so much take great care of the place (home) we live in by doing the following activities or actions:

  • Cleaning it daily
  • Carrying out repairs when needed
  • Keeping it warm
  • Keeping the gardens tidy
  • Letting in ventilation when needed

In a more precise manner, we have so much concern for our homes because:

  • It saves us from being killed by accidents from car collisions
  • Acid rain
  • Lightning strikes
  • Sudden attacks by outsiders

Similarly speaking, the earth is much as our home reason why we call it our planet. But we generally do not respect the rules that each and every home owner should abide by. Instead of preserving and conserving it, we go onto doing such stuffs like:

  • Over exploiting it
  • Stumbling over some animals and plants
  • Polluting it

With little or no thought on how things will be in the future towards the near generations of children, animals and plants and even so too climate changes.

If you are an environmentalist or you have got the idea of thinking like an environmentalist then you probably know what Environmentalism is all about.

Environmentalism is the study of the different principles or ways by which many people try caring more for our planet and hence the long lasting life of the earth.

Do you want to save your planet earth and all that is in it? Then think like an environmentalist.

1.      Problems our planet (earth) faces.

It is usually said that the climate and weather of a place depends on the condition (nature) of that place and this is absolutely right. On the other hand, human factors must be overseen nowadays. With the world’s (planet earth) population exceeding 7 billion people living on resources, creating pollution as well as some in turn use excess energy, this goes far away to change how the climate should fundamentally work; hence risking the future life of billions of people. Below is a list of a few of such problems on our planet.

a.     Soon, resource will get finish. As the earth and everything that is in it keep growing older, it’s not surprising to say that a large amount of resources is needed to feed the ever increasing population.Some people are so rich that the consume excess than normal amount of resources daily and some even throw some of these resources away without consuming and not even thinking that it could one day get finish while some are so poor that they live in trashes, pits and poor health all their life with little or no such resources for consumption. With the long life man has had here on earth (about 200,000 years), it is not surprising that the earth will soon come to an end as man is mostly dependent nowadays on minerals, metals and so on – which will soon be limited in a few decades or hundreds of years without prior notice due to man’s short slightness.

b.    The supply of energy. The law of conservation of energy as was proposed in physics says that it is not possible to do anything without a slight use of energy. For example, even in the case of eating your own food, you will need slight energy from your teeth to grind up the food into tiny particles before swallowing. Homes on earth generally need energy too for cooking, heating of water, running some or almost all appliances that make us look comfortable at home. Although some of the energy forms on earth like the solar power, tidal and wind power will never get finish as they are renewable, much of the primary source of energy (fossil fuel) will soon run out with the expanding population of people on earth who are in need of energy.

c.      Waste and Pollution. Due to the variety of materials we use nowadays as oppose to the 20th century where much of the waste could be recycled and turned into byproducts, it is quit too difficult to recycle or dispose of such waste materials, for example plastics materials. The trouble behind this is many people turn to throw such material away while if they could contain them, collect them, this would enable proper recycling and disposal. In some cases, the careless disposal of waste brings about pollution either in liquid, solid or gaseous forms which in turn cause damage to the environment.

2.     How do we counter these problems?

There are many factors to counter the problems discussed above some of which include:

  1. By conserving the environment. This is one of the most important ways of tackling problems associated with over exploitation of species (plants, animals and birds) in open spaces and national parks. Conservation is the direct preservation of species. Many groups have been created to counter the broader view of a wide range of such environmental issues some of which include: Friends of the Earth (FoE), Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC) and so on. Because earth species are usually also threatened by global warming and policies resulting from energy, some groups have reorient themselves on such facts and they include Sierra Club, World wild life Fund.
  2. Law enforcement. Over the last few decades, in order to solve some of the environmental problems, laws and some other regulations have strictly been implemented or put in place to prevent the harmful effects of man’s actions towards the environment. As such, there are laws now such as those:
  • Prevent pollution
  • To ban someone from the use of harmful chemicals to the environment
  • To mandate pollution
  • To Protect species and so on.

    Finally, the London Dumping Convention (LDC) have gone a long way to prevent dumping of waste at sea.

  1. Technology. Historically, it suffices to say that mankind will always find a way to innovation and hence scientific solutions to problems as development progresses. Let’s go with an illustration: with the founding of agricultural fertilizers and machines, mankind can now produce a large quantity of products from the same surface area than before. Also, some great technologist is even able to stop global warming by altering earth’s climate through Technology fixations which is called Geo-engineering.
  2. Personal Changes. To the core of environmentalism, each and every one should recognize the damage he/ she has inflict onto the planet earth and carryout what so possible means he/she can to minimize the effect. This therefore means and wiser means of buying your foods and so too reducing, reusing and recycling of what so ever food you buy before the next shopping.In some cases, environmentalist will implement that a public transport be used rather than a personal car or a train be used rather than a plane in order to minimize pollution.
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