Subtle Ways Your Faulty Water Heater Can Be Affecting Your Entire Home

Subtle Ways Your Faulty Water Heater Can Be Affecting Your Entire Home

It takes a lot of components working perfectly together to allow your water heater to give you hot water on demand for things like washing clothes, taking showers, and doing dishes. However, if any of these components are faulty, your water heater won’t be able to work as efficiently as it should. Unfortunately, many of these issues can be subtle or come on slowly, so you might not notice them until they’ve caused damage. These are some subtle ways that your faulty water heater can be affecting your entire home.

A Slow Leak

Water heaters can develop slow leaks over time. The leak can be so small that you don’t even notice it, even if you do check your water heater regularly, which most people don’t. Unfortunately, this sitting water can damage your floor and baseboards. If you notice that the floor or wall of your water heater is starting to buckle or has moisture, your water heater may have a slow leak. 

Before you call a plumber though, ascertain that the water damage really is coming from a leak. A small amount of water could simply be caused by dripping condensation, or it could be caused by overhead pipes or other issues. 

Issues Caused By Improper Water Heater Installation

It can be pricey to have a water heater installed, and you may be tempted to tackle this project on your own. However, this can be a complicated installation, so it's important that you choose professional water heater installation to ensure that it’s done right. If you install it yourself, you could end up with contamination from bacteria or relief valves that are blocked . It can end up costing you a lot of money to fix these issues, and in the end, going the professional route in the first place will probably be cheaper.

Inefficient Heating

Many individuals first notice there is a problem with their water heater when they can no longer get hot water out of their faucet or shower. However, your water heater can still produce hot water at a lesser rate, and you might not even realize there’s an issue until the problem has progressed. Eventually, the water will only come out cold if the issue continues to get worse. If you notice that there is a slight fluctuation in the temperature of your hot water or that your hot water isn’t as hot as it should be, there may be some sort of issue with your water heater that shouldn't be ignored.

Loud Noises

It’s completely normal for your water heater to make a slight noise when it’s heating up water. However, this noise should be more of a humming sound and not something that disturbs you. If your water heater emits loud noises, there is something wrong with the system. Unfortunately, many people tune these sounds out if they’re not listening for them, so you may not notice unusual noises until they’re extremely loud, especially if you’re usually focused on another task.

There are many reasons your water heater might be making noise, but the most common reason is sediment buildup from hard water. This causes a popping sound, and it can also cause the heater to become overheated. You may also notice a sizzling noise, caused by a closed relief valve or a leak, or a ticking sound, caused by fluctuating water pressure or loose pipe straps.

Water heaters can have subtle issues, and many of them start to occur as the water heater ages. If you have noticed any of the subtle signs mentioned above, your water heater may be faulty. These issues will just become worse, and you may be left with a very expensive repair bill if you put off having it fixed.


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