How to Make Videos with Music for vRockk?

If you want to show your talent and become a star, reaching out to target audience online, there are many apps available. Most of the video makers have been disappointed after Tik Tok has been banned. So, when looking for a feature-packed one that would help to create videos of your choice and showcase your talent, you need to download the right video application.

In this regard, music video maker app vRockk is a good option to try that can be touted as a great alternative for Tik Tok. This newly launched social media application helps connect online video making enthusiasts. It gives the scope to rock together online, collectively and share your video work easily with fellow mates. Also, you can share the video files with family and friends with easy to access features of the app.

Try to use Trending Short Videos App using which you can use special effects in the video and reach out to the large audience out there. The more unique is the vied, the higher it will have the viewers. So, if you are just trying your hand in video editing, you can try vRockk that is a suitable alternative to Tik Tok. The launch of this application has been a boon for the video content creators who have been in grief due to ban of Tik Tok. Try out this great alternative option and make excellent videos with exciting effects. 

How to add music of your choice?

Though, there are several options of apps to create videos and add music to it, choosing the right one is important. When attempting it the right time, you can try out the free version of the app. The vRockk is also a feature-packed music video maker app vRockk that makes it easy to create a video with music for beginners. As soon as you start the app, you have to login with correct credentials to get access to its features.Once you have logged in, you can use its features and create videos of your choice. Look for the trending video options to get an overview of how to add music and the genres of music available.

Video apps are available in plenty these days and you have to choose the right one. If you have chosen video editing as your profession, you need to pick a suitable editing app. As there are many video content creators, you have to create videos with unique ideas and special effects. This will make the video stand out from the rest. 

Steps to create video

  • First, open the app and login to it
  • As the home page shows up, you have to click on the music sign on the right bottom corner of the page
  • This directs you to a list of videos which are of different duration
  • Below this list, you will get a create video option
  • To get access to it, you need to login to the app, and as you click on the create video option, you can start recording it
  • You can use features like changing the speed of the video, using timer, filters and music of your choice
  • After you create the video, you can select the music option from the list given and make a professional one
  • You can also select the point to record and add music depending on your requirement

Adding music to video files

  1. After capturing the video, as you click on the add music option, you can search for the type of music you want to add.
  2. Click the one that comes in the list, and it is easy to add with the video

The steps of creating video and adding music are simple so that both beginners and experienced can use the app. To let other viewers know about your talent, use this app for free and sure to enjoy spreading the video files with your fellow users.

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