Facebook Live Stream Tips to Grow Your Business Online

Facebook Live Stream Tips to Grow Your Business Online

One of the best ways to grow your brand online is Facebook live. The post discusses 8 best practices to help you blast your broadcast and avoid the biggest Facebook live mistakes. 

When it comes to building your brand online in today's world, you can't ignore Facebook. Recent stats have the number of users on Facebook at over 1.8 billion people daily. And when it comes to video, Facebook has been favoring live streaming over video in the newsfeed and on this great platform you will Get Real Facebook Live Stream Viewers.

Facebook live videos are watched three times longer than even regular videos. The best thing about Facebook Live is the barrier to entry to creating content there is very low. You only need your phone, and you can sit down and go live with your content. So Facebook live is an incredible way to grow your brand, reach more people, reach your target audience, reach your ideal customers, etc. Even if YouTube is the prominent place that you want to grow your brand, also you should still pay attention to Facebook live video.

First of all, let's discuss the basics. All you need to do to go live with Facebook s have your Facebook App, and it makes it easy to do it from your page. But it is recommended that every smart influencer should have a business page. You need to do everything on a Facebook business page, a fan page, because that's where your analytics are, you can do ads there, that's where some of your bonus features are, and for that, you need to use a pages app.

So either way, you need to make sure that you download the app, make sure you logged in, and then you're ready to go live. Next, you should ensure to go widescreen. Many people are still doing up and down when it comes to Facebook Live, but all you have to do, and it's pretty much available to everybody, is tilt your phone sideways, and then you're set to go widescreen. 

It is recommended to have some gear. Also, it is recommended to have a desk tripod for your phone, and by the time you have your tripod, you put your phone in there, and use a wide-angle lens helps make the shot a little bit wider and then really cheap microphone.  You can hook that on your shirt, and you're ready to do Facebook Lives with stable video. 

So, going live on Facebook is not something that you need to be intimidated by, and even if you didn't have any of these gears, you could still do it, but it is recommended to have a few accessories. 

Let's discuss the eight tips for Facebook Live streams.

1. Compelling Title:

You should use a compelling and interest-grabbing title. So, before you go live, you need to type something into Facebook, and that title should be a description of what your live broadcast is about. That title itself might make a break whether people are interested or not. 

So, you need to put a lot of thought into that title so that it grabs attention. For example, if you had a couponing channel, you can put a title three ways to double your saving with coupons. There are many different ways you could do this, but the key is you need to make that title a description about your broadcast that targets your ideal audience and creates interest. So people will be watching it. 

2. Hook that Grabs Attention:

Once you start the broadcast, you need to do a hook just like you would on YouTube. And that means that in the first 10 seconds of your video, you need to grab your viewer's attention. This is where everybody makes a huge mistake on Facebook Live. What they do is, they click Go Live, and then they go, is this on? Is anybody there? When you do that, you're wasting time, and you're hurting, especially your rebroadcast audience. 

So, you don't want to waste anybody's time. Also, you shouldn't worry if nobody is online. When you create your Facebook Live, do it with the rebroadcast in mind.  And so do it whether anyone's watching or not. You need to turn that title into a vocal hook that pulls the attention, thinking that the rebroadcast audience. Because for a lot of you watching, probably the majority of views you'll be getting is not when the video's Live but during the replays. And so image the experience of that user. 

3. Establish Your Authority:

You need to give a brief statement about why anybody watching should listen to you. And it would help if you did not overthink this and shouldn't take that long. You don't need your whole life story, but you might say something like, hey, in this video, I'm going to talk about the five biggest mistakes that I see people make as new YouTubers.  But if you never met before, you need to brief you and your intention for creating an online video. After some intro statement that lets people know who you are and what you do. 

You might say, I own a business that helps moms get through whatever they're going through. Or you can say, I'm the founder of a YouTube channel that is all about tips and tricks for gaming, whatever it may be, but just a quick sentence that establishes your authority that comes right after that hook.

4. Encourage Engagement:

This is where you need to talk to people watching and tell them to like the post, to click the heart button. And if you've never seen Facebook Live before, these are different ways people can engage in your video, and just like other live streaming platforms, they can tap the screen. 

It's always good to learn about the best practices of a platform so you can speak the language of the platform. So you might say, hey, tag somebody in the comments if they should watch this broadcast.  You might say, hey, hit that like button, hit that heart button, etc. 

Facebook increases the reach of your videos and your live streams based on engagement. And so if you encourage engagement in the video and get those likes, hearts, and get those engagement signals, then Facebook begins to expand how many people see your broadcast. 

So, giving that verbal call to action, doing it in a relaxed and chill way, but intentionally is very important for having your broadcast reach even more people. 

5. Calls to Comment:

This is where you want to invite people to leave a comment on the video. You can ask your viewer, and hey, let me know where you're watching from. This is an easy way for someone to leave a comment, and every comment is boosting your reach. Facebook wants to see that engagement.

So, when it comes to calls to comment, giving those calls to action for people to comment, you need to make sure that they're easy to do. If you through a complex question, then people don't know how to answer it quickly. They might not answer it, so do a call to comment. And if you have about a 20-minute broadcast, you need to give about five to seven calls to comment because comments are compelling. 

So maybe you get done with a certain point, and you say, can you relate to that? Or have you had an experience like that? Or maybe give people a question between a and b. Which do you prefer, do you like to do it this way or that way? Let me know in the comments. 

Those continuous calls to comment will help your video get more reach. And it would help if you kept this in mind that you're always speaking to the rebroadcast audience as well. 

6. Content:

When it comes to the content, you need to deliver that content all the way through. You may have three points, five points, maybe it's a tutorial, and you're just using your Facebook live, and you're showing somebody how to do something. 

Get into the content and keep in mind the basic principles of successful content. You need to make sure that it adds value and it's concise, strong, and actionable. You need to deliver good value around that title, which promises what people can expect in the live broadcast.

The ideal length for a Facebook live is around 18 minutes. And so that gives you a benchmark of targeting how long your broadcast should be. It would help if you were plenty of time to do the introduction and engagement with people who live there and then deliver all your content and then have some time in the end. 

7. Call to Action:

For every single Facebook Live, you should know what you want the viewers to do ahead of time. And so this could be something as simple as, hey, join me next week because I'm going to do these Facebook Lives same day and the same time. And you are letting people know about that. It could be hey if you want to learn more about this, I have a free download, you can join our newsletters, our email list, to get our guidelines for free. It could be something like that. 

You could do something like check out our YouTube channel. You know, on Facebook Live, we're doing more interactive Q&A content like this, but we're also posting a weekly video to YouTube. So definitely check that out. It could be something like just a question. So hey, thanks so much for watching this broadcast, and if you'll, let me know what kind of topics you would want me to cover in future broadcasts? Post those in the comment below. 

But whatever you do, make sure to give up a call to action. It would help if you didn't waste that opportunity always. And should think about what you want your audience to do next that is most relevant for building your brand online overall.

8. Q&A:

It's a bonus tip, but it is optional. You can end your broadcast, and depending on if you're starting from scratch, you may have no one on the broadcast the real moment in time. That's okay because there are some other things you can do. Remember, it's not just live. It's the rebroadcast that can be powerful. But you could skip Q&A because if nobody's on there, it's going to be hard to answer questions. Or it's something that you could take some time to do. So this is optional, but it's a tip that you could include after everything is done. 

Once your Facebook Live stream is over, there are still a few power tips that you can do. 

  • You can change the thumbnail of your Facebook Live. A lot of people don't know this. And you can upload a thumbnail or can select through 10 different thumbnail options. A custom thumbnail could be compelling. And also, you shouldn't make the thumbnail too fancy and too graphically busy because you want to stay native to how the platform looks.

  • You can also change the title and the copy afterward. So sometimes, when you're filling out the title, you could write live now and then deliver on the five most important tips on insert your niche. Afterward, you could delete that, you could change the copy around, and you could include a link in your Facebook copy. There are a lot of tweaks you can do. So definitely afterward, and you can change some of that thing to optimize your video for rebroadcast.

  • The third thing you can do is you can boost your broadcast with Facebook Ads. And so, one of the most excellent opportunities for getting greater reach with your brand right now is Facebook Ads in general. It's credibly powerful, and a lot of times, you can get video views for less than one cent per view. Facebook Ads incredibly powerful stack that you could build momentum with. 

  • Also, you can share your broadcast anywhere after it's done. You can get the link to your Facebook Live stream, and you could send that out in a Tweet. You can put it in your Instagram bio and do a picture that illustrates the topic. Also, you can send it out in an email to the email list. If you're strategic with these principles and deliver value, and you're concise, and you're brief, it becomes a great piece of content that you could reference for weeks and even months to come, re-promoting it sharing it elsewhere on social.

  • One of the things you can do when your live broadcast is done is to add captions to your broadcast. Here are crazy stats, 85% of Facebook video is watched without sound. Yes, it's crazy, but it makes sense, right? And consider your behavior. So adding a caption to your video, in general, is just a great practice and a great principle. 

Take Away:

Facebook Live has much greater potential than most businesses think. FB Live streaming offers businesses the best way to connect with their audiences. If you want to start your broadcast, then you should keep the above Facebook live tips in your mind to get on the right track.


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