Evaluting Study Cost For Higher Education in UK

The United Kingdom or the UK as fondly it is known widely is a combination of 4 areas of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. The country is well known for its royal empire imparting knowledge and paving way for civilizations to grow for better. The UK started as the intermix of four cultures and traditions and now is a good mix of round the world creating a global comfort zone for international students to come and stay in the country for educational as well as employment purposes.

The grand culture and magnificent historical background of the country pave great academic environment for international students to pursue the higher studies in the UK under a well-defined structure and system. But all this comes at a price!

Let u look closely at the approximate education costs for studying in the UK which is broadly classified according to the level of degree you are aspiring to pursue:

  • Undergraduate Degree: £11, 400 per annum

  • Postgraduate Degree: £12, 200 per annum

  • Doctoral Degree: £13, 000 per annum

Does that sound huge? Yes of course but there are a lot of scholarships as well that are offered to the overseas students to balance such high cost of study in the UK.

Did you know that 5 percent of the world’s best scientific research and 14 percent of the world’s most frequently cited papers come from none other than universities of UK?

Stay tuned! There is some more upcoming.

Let us give a look at some of the prestigious scholarships to help you with your education fees for studying in the UK:

  • Chevening scholarships

  • Commonwealth scholarships:

  • Universities based scholarships: Gates Cambridge scholarships, Rhodes Scholarships at the University of Oxford, Edinburgh Global Masters Scholarships, developing Solutions scholarships at the University of Nottingham, the University of Bradford Scholarships for developing countries in crisis, University of Westminster International Scholarships, Bristol University International Office Scholarships and many others.

The academic structure is no doubt expensive for studying in the UK but the freedom to be creative and the flexibility of choice and ability to blend academic and vocational courses of your choice can be found nowhere else. The strict teaching and structured methodology used in the UK offers its international students an opportunity to learn from the leading academics and experts benefitting you from their constant support and experience. There are special modules modified as per your interests in addition to the UK degrees. Not only this, about 4 out 6 top universities of the world find their home in the UK serving as a measure of the excellent quality of education that the UK offers in exchange for higher education costs.


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