Characteristics of a Good Landlord

Most people assume that being a landlord is an easy job and anyone can take the responsibility of one. However, managers of properties who are experienced in what they do are aware that to be a good landlord is not easy. Most tenants have their own ideas on how they want their landlord to act. As a landlord, you must be able to deal with your tenants in all situations and also be ready to solve problems that the tenants might find themselves in. For troublesome tenants, who might not want to pay their rent or cause a lot of damage, the landlord should be careful on how to handle tenants like this in order not to violate them legally. In most cases, landlords can be grouped into different categories like; those who are always absent, don’t communicate, and those who only visit you when it is time to collect their rent. Others are those who are like a pest to their tenants and always mind the business of the tenants. People who want to rent don’t admire any of these landlord. Since finding a good landlord is a challenge, below are some characteristic that a good landlord should possess in order to attract more tenants:

Be Organized

Every tenant wants a landlord who is very organized in keeping documents. A good landlord is someone with managerial skills who is very organized and highly motivational. That is, he/she supervises the tenants effectively, solve problems that might arise and must stay current. Maintenance is one of the highest problems that tenants face with their landlords. The tenants complain that it takes a longer time for the landlord to do maintenance for their properties. Therefore, every good landlord make quick high quality maintenance a priority in order to make their tenants happy and to attract better and responsible tenants in the future.




Hide nothing from your tenants but be open to them in communication, rent payments and make them to be aware of everything that is going on around the environment. Should in case of any damage property, you have to tell them and may propose solutions to them on how you are going to solve the problem. Your policies should be applicable to all your tenants and some should not be treated differently from others. That is, a tenant should not feel mistreated or discourage but should feel like there is equality amongst every one. However, being firm does not mean that you are wicked since it is common with most landlord but you have to be fair. Whenever you put a policy that you think is difficulty for the tenants, it is important to be fair with them, thereby given them that understanding that you rely want to work. If you do something to the tenants that is nice, they will pay you back with kindness but if you do something wrong, they will also do things that will hurt you.


A landlord who respects the tenant’s privacy is highly admired since everybody want their privacy to be respected. Every tenant wants a landlord who is not arrogant, not rude and not judgmental. A good landlord creates an environment full of respect by acting in a professional way. That is, by being kind and honest to their tenants. When you have this characteristic and give some distance, then most of your tenants will be pleased with you and there will be nothing to complain about. Your presentation, appearance, action and your manner of speaking play an important role in the building of relationship with your tenants. In as much as you are firm with your policy, be friendly and jovial. Also, if you treat your tenants with some respect and show that you care for them and the property, then they will naturally respect and treat your property with some care but when you don’t care by treating them and the property anyhow, they will also do the same with your property.


If your tenants must stay, then you must end their trust and you should also prove to them that you love them. One thing you should remember is that you are all grown up, with different goals in life. You also need to show your tenants that you trust that they can pay their rents and their bills on time unless they prove order wise. Learn to always make promises that you can keep since it will help your tenants to rely on you and trust you the more.

Selecting good Tenants

In order for you to be a good landlord, you need to have good tenants because your tenants can force you to develop a bad character. That is, if you have tenants who don’t follow the policies you have laid down, then if care is not taken you will become a landlord that is regarded as a bad person. When you have a bad tenant, it is very difficult to please them no matter how you try to and they will end up still calling you a bad landlord. Therefore, in order to have peace of mind and with less headache, it will be advisable to rent your property to good tenants.


Everyone was not meant to be a landlord but with the right qualities, the experience of landlord can be very rewarding. For you to be a good landlord you must have knowledge. You might not be the best person for the job but you must start from somewhere before you become good in it. It might take some time for you to be good but you can do it if you follow the guide.

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