Business Plan for Natural Juices

Business Plan for Natural Juices


Today, people seem to choose freshly squeezed or prepared natural juices to processed juices with additional colours, flavours and preservatives, thereby making it a good investment opportunity to formulate a business strategy on natural juices.

This market provides a real business opportunity, given that the lifestyle of today's society maintains a hectic and fast pace of life, which generally does not allow you to eat properly and meet the necessary nutritional requirements.

The first step that a person who wants to venture into the natural juice business must take is to decide on which market to start in the juice business, that is, determine whether to sell bottled juices, energy juices, organic juices, or simply market the traditional freshly prepared natural juice shake.

Once you have defined what your market will be, you must prepare your juice bar business plan, which should be as detailed as possible, which expresses what the objective of your undertaking will be, current market trends, financing, technological resources, strategies marketing, public relations, competition, among others.

This helps you to build a marketing strategy accurately and will display the expense of your raw materials and any equipment or products you may use for business activities.

The place and the way to market your products : Here you will mention which is the place you have chosen to sell your juices and the options include a stall in a market, in a store, at a fair, or in a juice stall in a small shop.

Create the menu : The menu in a juice business depends in the first instance on what your concept is, but always starting from the basis that you will offer smoothies and fresh juices , since the rest will depend on your creativity and imagination. You can expand your menu by complementing it with other options such as tea, coffee, among others.

The figures and statistics of the market : When you handle a perspective in numbers on the current condition of the market , this allows you to identify what are the tactics and strategies that you will use to respond to problems that arise and follow trends, keeping intact the image of your business.

Legal framework : You should contact the Ministry of Public Health in your city to find out which ones you need to start a food business .

You may need a food business license, a food manager certification, or a food handler permit, plus you may need to take a quick food handling course.

The technological resources : The equipment you need to start working with your natural juice business will depend on the way you provide the service and sell your juices. If you start your business in a small commercial premises, part of your initial expenses will be represented by the basic equipment:

  • Citrus juicer
  • Automatic fruit peeler.
  • Refrigerators
  • Cash register / point of sale
  • Blender
  • Ice machine
  • Cabinet to store inventory
  • Others.

If, on the contrary, you start with a small stall in a market, or something more compact, you will not require large investments to start from the beginning. That is why that point is something that you must be very clear when defining your business plan for natural juices .

Try to buy everything in bulk , like cups, napkins, and utensils, to save money instead of paying retail prices.

Consumers : Knowing who your potential customers are allows you to do a deeper investigation of all those factors that can affect the way you manage your business and your acquisitions.

When you have an idea of ​​who your audience is, you can develop programs that allow you to more effectively promote customer retention and acquisition.

Advantages of starting a natural juice business :

Quick return on investment : The natural juice business reports a full recovery of the initial investment in one year and a stable profit.

High profitability. This type of business is usually started with a minimum investment (rental and equipment), and a fairly high profitability is achieved.

Product with strong demand: Juices and smoothies are a profitable business all year round, since their consumption can be to cool off a bit in summer or to obtain a good amount of vitamins in winter.


Some natural juices and smoothies are usually more expensive: Some natural juices are usually more expensive than packaged juices, and there are some people who do not see so much the benefit of natural juice, but the benefit of the price for their pocket

You will always have risks: unreliable suppliers , increases in the cost of fruits and supplies, a lower demand or a poor choice of the location of your juice business, these will always be the risks that you should take into account when making your business plan. .

Marketing : Discuss your strategies for positioning in the market, think about the long-term operations of the business so that your position in the market can help make your natural juice business profitable and sustainable.

You can put some ideas into practice, like:

  • Add a special children's menu.
  • Expand the menu by adding tea, frozen yogurt, lemonade, ice cream, coffee, healthy cakes, green salads, etc.
  • Open other natural juice stands in your city.
  • Provide your juices using glasses with your brand.

All your marketing materials should be well developed so that you can ensure that you provide a reflection or presentation of what your business really is.

  • Create a financial plan : In this section of your natural juices business plan you must do a balance analysis, profit and loss accounts, list of initial investments and budget allocation.

You need to specify the financial tools to use and whether partners, creditors, lenders and other types of financial support are appropriate to make the natural juice company a fact.

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