How The Beatles Revolutionised Music

The Beatles were a popular English rock music band that formed in Liverpool in 1960. There can be no doubt that The Beatles revolutionised the scene of rock music, bringing it to all corners of the world. The four member band is widely recognised as the most influential act of the rock era. They played traditional skiffle and beat music but experimented and mixed styles, sometimes even genres as unlikely as classical music (a genre you would never associate with rock music) and churned out brilliant masterpieces.


The Beatles began their remarkable career as ‘Beatlemania’ but with growing sophistication became just Beatles. Like all bands, The Beatles began their journey by singing in clubs in the local area and later started professional music. Within four short years they became international stars and started going offshore, bringing British music to the United States.


They are famous for a lot of reasons, but the first and foremost of them are their innovative recordings in the best-selling memorable albums like Rubber Soul, Revolver, Abbey Road etc. Such was the popularity of The Beatles that they could still be successful as individual artists even after breaking the band up. They are the best selling music artists in the United States and have many number one albums to their credit. They were all successful artists who inspired more than one generation with their brand of music and continue to do so.


Why Is A Beatle Tribute Band Needed


The Beatles contributed a lot to the scene of music and this includes the memorable songs and revolutionary techniques in music mixing. The songs were fresh, appealing and very much the craze in the golden decades of music. Many music bands later on began to sing out the songs the original Beatles had immortalised on stage during their days.


The tribute bands stayed true to their name, bringing the Beatle Magic yet again on stages, concerts, live programs and even events that might need their services. Each and every Beatle Tribute band offers their tribute in their own way to The Beatles and continue to sing the songs they had so popularly sung and make the masses live the joy of seeing a Beatle like performance again.


The Beatles spawned the most tribute acts over decades and inspired many young talented musicians to take to the stage. These bands imitate Beatles, even in the settings and instruments and give an authentic Beatle experience. Beatle Tribute Bands work on the principle that imitation is the best form of flattery. Of the many Beatle Tribute Bands, only a few are genuinely good.


British Mania is one of the popular and genuine Beatle Tribute Bands. They recreate The Beatles’ magic down to the last detail and perform the best hits, and sometimes the request from an interactive audience. British Mania has been recognised as the best Beatle Tribute Band in NewYork and Philadelphia. They are also performing in other places and are the best option for a Beatles Tribute Band in Los Angeles, San Diego.


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