Here's Why 64% (and more) People Prefer Using Magento Mobile App

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A free ecommerce Magento mobile app is more than just a standalone software that lives in a contained environment inside your smartphone. It is a genius software that helps in creating a user-specific experience, unique to each individual. The individual user experience itself is one of the biggest reasons why more than 64% people globally prefer an app over a responsive or traditional website.
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Since a website is an exhaustive platform which is same for all users, it sometimes fails to create an enriching experience for all its users. However, the remaining 36% people still don't mind shopping from website, whether from laptop or mobile, as long as they get to shop. Contrary to the regular shopping session, an Android or iOS App for Magento can be much more personalized and give (and take) relevant useful information per user.

Moreover, an application is far more speedy as compared to the website which plays a huge role in retaining or making new users. With this, the user gets benefited with so many unique features that enables powerful functionality to each user.


A mobile app is more receptive to its customers, gathering their data such as likes and dislikes, and suggesting them relevant products to shop from. In short, the app gives away personalized experience, which can be more or less compared to a personal shopping assistant.


The same 64% tech savvy online shoppers also prefer using Android app for Magento because of the inbuilt mobile specific features such as GPS, camera, push notifications etc. All of these features play a huge role in creating a quick and hassle-free experience for user to browse the shop, checkout the products and buy them as per their liking.


Moreover, the localization, multilingual and multiple currency features assist people to choose a preferred language and pay accordingly.


The user oriented rich and dynamic content also helps the users to walk through the entire app without facing any issues because of the easy onboarding and self-explanatory design. The intrinsic layout also helps the users to create their account, also known as profile, which helps them to stay connected with your business.


Hence, choosing the right app builder extension can help you create a free ecommerce Magento mobile app.


In the end, the biggest reason why you as a retailer must create your mobile app for online store is because these apps help in creating a great customer and retailer relationship. With these smooth and transparent benefits of shopping right through their smartphone, more and more people are preferring apps over responsive websites.


Before concluding, the 64% of people love shopping through the app because of great user experience, high convenience level, comfort to shop anytime-anywhere, speedy access to online shop through app, ease of browsing products and choice to make payments.


Hence, if you want to provide a great level of interactive engagement to your users and expand your sales goal, a free ecommerce Magento mobile app is what your business needs.


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Victor Knight has been keeping an eye on the rising marketing trends and possesses core knowledge about ecommerce and mcommerce. Learn more about the benefit of introducing a Magento iPhone app for your Magento store in this article.  

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