Choose Your Radiant Cut Diamond Wisely

The radiant cut diamond is a square shaped diamond but the cut was designed to give the stone the brilliance of a round brilliant cut. It is like the emerald cut in the sense that the corners are cropped in both the cuts. However, the difference between the cuts is that a radiant cut diamond has more sparkle to it than the emerald cut. We will learn how to choose a great quality radiant cut diamond in this article.

There are many different factors to consider ensuring that the diamond you have purchased was a genuine and good quality diamond. First of all, you should take a look at the basic, the 4Cs. Abbreviation for cut, clarity, carat and color, these factors are primary consideration for any diamond’s quality. Each of these factors cumulatively determine the overall worth of a diamond.

The clarity of a diamond is simply the flaws it has or the absence of the flaws. If a diamond has great clarity, then the flaws are not visible, even when the diamond is inspected under a microscope. If the clarity is not clear, it means the diamond has blemishes, air bubbles or even scratches on the surface. While there are ways to fix these problems, it reduces the overall quality and value of the diamond.

The carat determines how big the diamond is. Obviously, the other Cs have a say in that but as the common sense dictates, the bigger the diamond, the higher the price. Larger diamonds are much rarer compared to the smaller ones. Thus, a diamond with high carat weight simply takes the price too high. This is why, often it is recommended that you buy multiple smaller diamonds over a single large one.

Color is, as can be understood easily, is the color of the diamond. While the colorless white diamond is the most popular, they are also the costlier version as they glow more under light. They are considered to be superior compared to other colored variants like intense yellow, pink and others.

All of these factors can be checked in the grading report which comes with any certified diamond. This document tells you exactly what you are paying for. It is strongly recommended that you only buy the certified diamonds as that can save you from fraud. GIA grading reports are widely acknowledged as the standard grading report and a buyer’s guide.

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