Points to Consider in Choosing a Lawyer

A person who gets involved in the practical application of knowledge and the use of a broad range of legal theories in solving a special kind of problem are called lawyers. During the exercise of law they can be referred to as advocate, barrister, attorney or chartered legal executive or solicitor. There are so many lawyers out there in case an individual is faced with a problem which requires him to face a legal process. Though it can be a difficult and time consuming to get a good lawyer for a case, it is a very important task. It begins by talking to advisors, other lawyers, going online to firms specialized in your domain of interest. After this exercise, the individual will obtain a list of potential candidates and then he will have to cut down the list to an appreciable short list of the best candidates.


Merging the problem at hand with a good lawyer

The first step in this case is to know what the problem or issue is it all about which will serve as a directive. There are lawyers specialized in particular cases as the law in itself has different specialties and sub-specialties. Therefore, in choosing which lawyer will be suited with the issue at hand you most know the domain he is best at. More to that, a specialist in a domain is filled with information on the latest modifications on similar cases like the one at hand which can prove marginal factor in winning the case. In the same like, a lawyer with a record of many victories in similar cases like the one at hand is a wise choice because his experience will increase the likelihood that the case will be a success. The combination of the number of factors stated like the number of cases taken similar to the case at hand, the specialty of the lawyer and the distance from you (client) are very important in evaluating the lawyer’s experience. Experience of the lawyer counts because he can easily determine the personality of his adversaries, easily accumulate wisdom and know when the situation is at risk in order to come up with winning strategies. He also knows the limit of the laws governing the case at hand and can make you confident and enable you twist and turn about the legal process.

Consider the lawyer’s professionalism and his communication skills

Talking of professionalism it does not only involves how good the arguments of the lawyer are but also it involves how discipline the lawyer is, this means how does the personality of the lawyer differs from others. The following characteristics of personality can be used to show how professional the lawyer is;

-          hard working and protects clients interest;

-          having time for the client by returning phone calls and respecting meeting time with client;

-          do as much work with the list resource at his disposal;

-          follow up the case with care and provide you with information about upcoming questions during the case;

-          show self-control and be respectful towards everyone;

-          should be a person who follows the law and not do anything that will look impure. Communication is the basic tool of a lawyer, from him interacting with the adversaries and convincing the judges on your behalf. More to that, a good lawyer is to know how to communicate with his client and when to do it.

-           must know when to raise an argument and when to be gentle.

Familiarity with the case and Reference on the Lawyer

There are different lawyers for the different type of cases for example a lawyer use in cases of children rights will not be suitable for a case concerning land dispute between two countries. The reputation of a lawyer counts in choosing a lawyer. His profile should be verified from other lawyers, the clients he has defended in the past, from the association of lawyers in the community where he is found and any other source possible.

Checking the lawyers resources and network

The firm choosing to defend you counts because you can choose a firm good in your case but which is short in the number of resources like educational publication and newsletters for clients. For example small firms which just opened are likely to have limited supportive materials for the case at hand though they can be good at handling such cases and more money will be spend to gather information on the case while a large firm use to such a case will easily handle it because it must have stocked those writing materials necessary for the case.


Services are accompanied by payment, therefore the cost of purchasing the services of a lawyer is another important decision making point. The lawyer you request for services should clearly explain to you their billing methods and procedure.


During a legal process, it is of great importance to get a good lawyer to defend you and going blindly can make you lose the case. So the better the skills of the lawyer the greater chance you stand in winning the case. Therefore, taking into consideration the different aspects listed above is of vital importance.




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