Grow your Business from Criticism

Naturally our response when faced with criticism is either to react in self-defense or feel discourage and threaten. If emotion cannot be managed when faced with destructive criticism our business can likely fail. As a business person, be ready to embrace criticism and do not allow emotions and memory drive you to react negatively towards criticism.

Also, if we want to succeed in business, then we should see criticism as a learning experience. When criticized by customers and other people, it helps in understanding what they want, what they like and they dislike. Criticism helps motivate the staff, manage resources and improves on products and services. Below are some strategies on how to use criticism to grow your business.

We need to ask questions

It is normal for us to be defensive when our products and services that we have worked so hard is being criticized. However, when criticized do not always be defensive but ask some open-ended questions that will enable you find the right solutions. The main goal at that time should be to seek information that will help you learn from critiques. Moreover, when criticized by customers or other people it means that they are thinking about the business even though they might not be right in what they are saying.

Separating the right from the wrong

Criticisms are not all the time constructive. Most times when people are in a bad mood or angry about something, they speak without reasoning. In business, you must be able to design systems that will help separate constructive criticism from unconstructive criticism. There is no excuse to ignore comments that do not praise the services, unless you are sure the criticism was given in hatred or out of ignorance. In other to be able to distinguish between the two, bear in mind that constructive criticism is always specific, actionable and objective.

Standing firm

It is not always advisable to ignore people who always criticize what is being done. However, their intensions might be good and they might not even know that they inflict pain on us. Staying silence or trying to defend our self is not the best solution. Let the customer know in a polite way that you don’t like their words or their actions should be constructive and polite.

Change our Perception

The manner in which criticism is viewed really matters. Some people view it as an attack while others view it as an improvement tool. Regarding criticism as an improvement tool create significant impacts on our productivity and help evaluate business performance. Even though it hurts when being criticized, accepting constructive criticism helps in the growth of the business. Look at criticism as an opportunity to improve on your business. That is, prepare your mind concerning criticism, then it will just be a chance to improve on self and business.

Find a role model

When faced by challenges in managing criticism, it is rely important to look for a role model who is good at handling criticism so that he or she can advise us on the subject matter. Reading books concerning criticism, written by our role model is also important. Considering asking our role model to mentor you can help you gain skills that can turn criticism in business into positive responses, thereby creating impact in your business and taking it to another level.

Be ready for feedback

The problem is not being criticized but how you view yourself and react to criticism. Since nobody is perfect, it is relevant that from time to time somebody should tell you when you are dropping in your goal and potential. However, criticism is necessary for self-development, so be ready at all times to change when being criticized constructively because you will be rewarded with important information, good business ideas and better business relationship.

We are more than the critics

Our personality as a person really matters; therefore it is very important to receive the feedback in your actions. Also, taking criticism personal is not a good idea but instead of being self-pity, examine the critic and respond based on the situation at hand. As a business people, do not let criticism bring you down but bear in mind that it is all about business and not us.

Having the right attitude

Even though you might be the brain behind the business, it does not mean that you ignore completely the opinion of others. From the beginning of our business it is important that we have the right attitude. Expect others to disagree with you and be open to new ideas. Since criticism is part of a learning process, align your expectations and understanding to it, bearing in mind that they are just comments that comes to you as a result of your actions and work. Rising above the criticism by responding calmly and effectively, make us to be admired even by your own critique.

Your reaction to criticism can make it work for or against you. You cannot control the way people think about you or their actions towards but you can use criticism to take your business forward.






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