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Many pet owners think that pets don't feel cold due to their furry coats. They have a misconception that dogs can tolerate low temperatures in a much better way, compared to humans. Perhaps, it's not at all true. If it’s cold for you to stand without an overcoat, it’s probably cold for your dog too.

One can understand this by paying attention to the pet's behavior. If you notice him shivering or anxious, and he's probably looking for burrows, bring him inside. Pets need a little extra care during winters, as they may likely fall ill. If you have recently adopted a four legged animal, consult an experienced veterinarian in Scarborough to know about the preventative measures to protect him from cold.

Few tips to follow to owe a healthy pet during winters are :

1. A coat will work : Some dog breeds have thick fur that tends to keep them naturally warm. Those who are less furred may need to wear sweater or coats. Belly is the area from where cold likely reaches the dog body. Purchase a coat that starts from the neck and reaches to the base of the tail and covers whole belly.

2. Go outside when its sunny : If your dog feels excessive cold, try to take him out in late morning or early afternoon. During these hours, the temperature is little warmer. For playing outdoors, choose the sunny hours.

3. Indoor pets are happiest : Dogs who reside inside the home are happier compared to those who are compelled to live in a lobby. Don't leave your pet outdoors during low temperatures. If they don't like to come inside, force them to enter in a pleasing way. Go out with them and when you'll come inside, they too will.

4. Cozy bedding : Along with making your pet reside indoors, provide him warm and snuggle blankets. Choose the right bedding that ensures to keep him warm. Raised beds are more favored, as they tend to keep your dog away from cold tiles or concrete.

5. Moisturize : Dry and cold weather can effect pet’s skin as well. Feed them with skin supplements such as fish oil. If you find his paws, ears, hair or tail as dry or cracked, apply coconut oil as a topical base.

6. Don't overfeed : Scarborough veterans recommend to feed regular or fewer calories during winters. Dog activity likely reduces in winters, since they frequently move or play outdoors. Therefore, avoid to feed them heavy food which may become hard to digest. Whole foods, preferably raw meat will offer healthy coat and energy in cold winter months.

These were the few tips that should be followed to protect a dog from excessive cold winters. Hwy 401 Warden Pet Hospital is a leading animal clinic in Scarborough that offers multiple pet health services including dental and surgical solutions at reasonable prices.

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