Best Freelancing Jobs

Understanding Freelancing Jobs

A freelancing job is a result-centred job where the freelancer is self-employed and works independently and on his/her terms. Freelancing jobs are those were outworkers’ sells services to different employers without a long-term contract with any of them. The jobs carried out are prompt and usually for a determined or predefined period of time. Freelancing could be adopted on a full time bases (i.e. as ones main source of income or revenue) or part time (as a supplement to one’s current income or revenue source). Freelancing jobs can be on the field outdoor jobs were the freelancer has to leave the comfort of his/her house to get the job done or can be web based were the freelancer works from home. Sometimes freelancers are attributed the title of consultants or independent consultants as a result of the nature of their job and they are usually remunerated or judged based on their respective performances.

Some of the Best Freelancing Jobs

The choice of the best freelancing job is not evident because people get into freelancing with different reasons and motives. But usually people categorise the best freelance job as that which bring in a lot of money on the table. This is still somewhat erroneous or flawed because the pay package for freelancers does not only depend on the job description but usually as a result of one’s tenacity, expertise, job quality, promptness, accuracy and most especially the freelancers contract negotiating power. Below (NB: not in order of importance or remuneration) are a few freelancing job options that could be considered amongst the best freelancing jobs one can get into.

Marketing: Freelancer or consultants here (include marketing manager, coordinator, project managers) are contracted to participate in the elaborations of strategies for brand valorisation and sales or marketing. Marketing comprises of the elaboration of plans and campaigns for the launching of new products, using of diverse media outlets and also modelling product-customer relationships.

Voice acting or voiceover: Many companies and industries use video advertising like their main publicity outlet to target a great number of persons. People prefer to watch an advert or publicity spot than to read a print version. Freelancers with remarkable voices are usually contracted to take part in this voice over jobs such as those in DIY videos, guides, recorded scripts etc.

Recruitment officer: the freelancer here acts like a recruiter hiring person or a team of persons to take on a job usually offered by companies that do not want to the job internally by themselves. They are aka independent contractors or consultants.

Computer based jobs such as web designer, programmers (app or software developer) and internet security etc.: Computer (especially internet) based expert usually consulted or hired to design and maybe harbour a website for a client. Also could be a programmer hired to take part in a particular project such as a freelance gamer that assesses the quality of video games; hackers hired to test the cyber security of an institution (banks etc.); app or software developers etc. In recent years massive cyber data breaches have been noticed around the globe making the demand for competent freelance internet security experts high in demand. Research nowadays is mostly web based and narrowing the search to what one wants rather than spending a lot of time on searches that don not yield satisfactory results is not evident. Hence the opening of a freelancing job for a search engine optimiser.

Writing: There are a lot of freelance writers who practice freelance journalism or run blogs, conduct reviews in various aspects of social, financial, political and cultural life. One could still convert into a novelist and or biographer etc. In this line of work honing one’s skill is a great asset for optimising output and revenue. Other functions in freelance writing could include content manager, copywriter, editor etc.

Translation and interpretation: Bridging the communication barriers between countries and its people is the art of mastering languages. Translation and interpretation are very lucrative freelancing jobs determined by the number of tongues one can speak, how fluent one is in those languages and in the case of translation how proficient is the freelancer in writing the various languages.

Photography: there are a lot of people who get into this line of freelancing. Capturing a moment of a person’s life so that person could relive the moment for as long as they live is what make photography very important. Professional photographers are hired to cover weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, bar mitzvah, head shots, etc.

Infographic designing and serigraphy: Computer graphic designing is a selective skill set presenting multifaceted information in an easily understood format but equally demanding. These jobs also lead to designing logos for corporations and companies, designing patterns for tee-shirt and other personalise items such as skating boards, sneakers, etc.

Styling and fabric design: Many talented persons in styling and designing clothes, shoes and other outfit accessories work like freelance designers either for individuals or companies. This category also includes tailors, seamstresses, cobblers etc.

Consultant in different domains e.g. tax consultants, contract drafters, insurance inspectors: Many persons after working and gaining experience in a specific domain of expertise, they can reconvert into a freelance consultant for example tax consultants are hire  people with their tax declarations and returns; contract drafters draw contracts with productive deals and require in-depth knowledge of the sector of activity to ensure the business deal is acceptable; accounting clerks; bookkeepers; accountants etc.

Legal works: Trained and sworn in lawyers (especially pattern lawyers) sometimes act as freelancers be it on a full time basis or part time depending on the priorities or preferences of the freelancer. This is a very well-paid freelancing job but will depend a large deal on your client base and the clients one has.

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