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The town bookkeeper (differently known as Patwari, Talati, Patel, Karnam, Adhikari, Shanbogaru, and so forth.) is a managerial government position found in provincial parts of the Indian sub-landmass. The workplace and the officeholder are known as the patwari in Telangana, Bengal, North India and in Pakistan while in Sindh it is called Tapedar.

The position is known as the karnam or adhikari in Tamil Nadu, while it is usually known as the talati in Karnataka, Gujarat and Maharashtra. The position was known as the kulkarni in Northern Karnataka and Maharashtra. The position was known as the shanbogaru in South Karnataka.

The Patwar framework was initially presented amid the short however astounding principle of Sher Shah Suri and the framework was further upgraded by Emperor Akbar. The British pioneer eramade minor corrections yet proceeded with the framework.

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In 1814, enactment was authorized requiring all towns to keep up a bookkeeper (talati) as an official specialist of the government.The Kulkarni Watan was nullified in 1918 and paid talatis from all stations were designated to the new office of the Talati.

Sometimes, the talatis were the abused positions and the annulling of the Kulkarni Watan framework was seen as a dynamic move.

The word is gotten from the Sanskrit root tal which intends to fulfill a promise, to set up or to fix.

Talati is a word in the Gujarati and Marathi dialects of India. It is utilized to signify the workplace of the Talati in provincial parts of the Indian conditions of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Karnataka. The workplace and its holder are both called Talatis.

Bearers of the workplace have adjusted this as their family last name. The obligations of a Talati incorporate keeping up yield and land records (record of rights) of the town, gathering of assessment income, accumulation of water system dues. The post of the Talati supplanted that of the Kulkarni which no longer exists in Gujarat and Maharashtra.

The obligations of a talati are performed in different conditions of India under an alternate title, for instance the talati is known as a Patwari in Andhra Pradesh.Originally a land holding representative, the talati is presently a legislature named paid official. A Patil (Patel in the condition of Gujarat) is from outside the town and helps the Talati in gathering income.

It has been charged that the records kept up by the talati don't mirror the real position on the ground on the grounds that the talati did not consider the tribal custom of utilizing the name of the grown-up male individual from the family for land possession.

Among the organization, the talati has the nearest association with the town people.The talati is by and large responsible for a gathering of towns called a saza and they are required to dwell in that saza unless they get endorsement from the Collector to live outside of the saza. However most of the talatis were observed to be infringing upon this rule.

The talati has a place with the Brahmin station in most cases and is by and large turned upward to in the towns as a result of being an agent of the government.

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