How Power Leveling Works in EverQuest?

By hayden

In this post, I will define how powerleveling works for different level ranges in Everquest. To begin everquest powerleveling, you have to know where to go and when. Although I've always struggled to find a place to go that worked for me, yet, for certain level changes, I've found a group of locations that might help you as well.

For levels 1-25, I'd suggest the Zone Crescent Reach
For levels 26-45, I'd go with Blightfire Moors
For levels 46-60, Zone is Acrylia Caverns
For levels 61-70, I'd go with The Steppes Zone                                                                    
For levels 71-80, Zone is Direwind Cliffs
I believe all these Zones are worthwhile. As far as I know this is the most recommended path suggested by Everquest developers and the same would I recommend to all of you. So let's get into the details of it.

Levels 1-14:

Start off in the Crescent Reach. I typically make use of the old school way of going through these levels which implies to buff the character up and run them around attacking as quick as you can. I use a Druid and buff them with Regan, Skin, Spirit of the Wolf and Strength.

Levels 14-25:

Once you have reached level 14, move toward North in the zone. You will find a bit of water there, along with a field and a building. Pass through it which will take you to the bridge that further goes to the Skeletons in the cave. You may want to park your character close by the wall in front of this bridge.

Levels 26-45:

Now it's time to explore the Blightfire Moors. Using a druid, you can leave directly to the Moors or the other way is to run over there. From the Druid location, run North-East toward the cave that has the mushroom guys. Park your rookies to the left just a bit farther from the cave.

Levels 46-60:

Get going and move toward the Zone Acrylia Caverns. At this point, I discovered that I can accelerate this level range up tremendously by using my Mage to aid with their Surge of Shadowflares spell. If you can figure this out yourself, I'd advice you to use it only as the Fernspike will yet take some time to finish all the mobs off.

As mentioned above, from level 61 to 70, go to the Steppes Zone to discover your route and from 71-80, it would be wise to choose your route as Direwind Cliffs. As you move up the levels, you will get a lot many new things to learn about which can help you progress the level in Everquest. So keep learning and keep sharing with the others as they share their own experiences with you.

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