Reduce Your Overall Maintenance Expenditure With Proper Lubrication Program

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With today's ever increasing operating costs and the escalating pressures , it is becoming imperative that we change our outmoded lubrication practices. You can extend the life of your machines by implementing a proper maintenance program. Proper use of Bijur Delimon lubrication accessories will benefit your machine life by reducing wear of the components.

You can optimize your machine operations with these key steps:

1) Implement a lubricant analysis program
2) Search for the root cause of failures
3) Inhibit rust and corrosion/eliminate friction and wear
4) Avoid over-greasing

The first step of lubrication process is to implement a quality lubricant analysis program to identify the root cause of your machine failures. The main reasons for machine failures can be the harmful effects of heat, friction and wear, corrosion or rust or high temperature these threats machine's production accuracy and its lifecycle. So once you are aware of what is affecting your machine, you may then be able to eliminate or reduce it to manageable levels.

The next step is to eradicate the corrosion and rust, as corrosion costs companies billions of dollars each year. The ideal way to stop rust and corrosion is not allowing the metal to come in contact with water, oxygen or acid. Rust and corrosion are detrimental to your reliability program. Corrosion and rust are the root causes of failures, eliminating them will reduce the likelihood of that failure’s occurrence. Friction causes heat, heat causes expansion which leads to machine failures. The more friction that can be eliminated in the design and construction of a machine, the more efficiently the machine will operate.

Over greasing can have many severe disadvantages, plus the added expenses of high lubricant consumption. It leads to high operating temperatures, collapsed seals, energy loss and failures. Over greasing result in a bearing failure and high grease-consumption cost so apply a calculated amount of grease while performing greasing activities. The ideal way to avoid over greasing problems is to establish a maintenance program and determine the right amount of lubricant, frequency of relubrication, and utilize feedback instruments.

To sum up, use Bijur Delimon lubrication accessories to implement a proper lubrication program for keeping your machinery in the utmost working condition. Save on repair costs or maintenance expenditure while increasing the life and reliability of your equipment and reducing your impact on the environment.

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