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The Intelligence Bureau (IB) (Devanāgarī: खुफिया विभाग , khūphiyā vibhāga) is India's inner knowledge organization. It was recast as the Central Intelligence Bureau in 1947 under the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The purpose behind the discernment might be on the grounds that, in 1885, Major General Sir Charles MacGregor was named Quartermaster General and leader of the Intelligence Department for the British Indian Army at Simla.

The target then was to screen Russian troop organizations in Afghanistan, dreading a Russian attack of British India through the North-West amid the late nineteenth century.

In 1909, the Indian Political Intelligence Office was set up in England in light of the improvement of Indian progressive exercises, which came to be known as the Indian Political Intelligence (IPI) from 1921. This was a state-run reconnaissance and checking organization.

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The IPI was run mutually by the India Office and the Government of India and reported together to the Secretary of the Public and Judicial Department of the India Office, and the Director of Intelligence Bureau (DIB) in India, and kept up close contact with Scotland Yard and MI5.

Dineshwar Sharma is the present executive of IB, holding the position since January 1, 2015.

Covered in mystery, the IB is utilized to earn knowledge from inside India furthermore execute counter-insight and counter-psychological warfare errands. The Bureau contains representatives from law requirement offices, generally from the Indian Police Service (IPS) or the Indian Revenue Service (IRS) and the military.

Be that as it may, the Director of Intelligence Bureau(DIB) has dependably been an IPS officer. Notwithstanding residential insight duties, the IB is especially entrusted with knowledge gathering in fringe zones, taking after the 1951 suggestions of the Himmatsinhji Committee (otherwise called the North and North-East Border Committee), an errand endowed to the military insight associations before freedom in 1947.

 All circles of human movement inside India and in the area are apportioned to the sanction of obligations of the Intelligence Bureau. The IB was additionally entrusted with other outside insight duties starting 1951 until 1968, when the Research and Analysis Wing was formed.

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