Call Center Mobile Apps and Cloud functioning, Handy Approaches to Revolutionize Customer Support

In today’s rapidly progressing market of online businesses, it has become essential for companies to maintain their digital image in the best possible shape. Having an online presence has not only become essential, but is also among the only viable solutions to help you stand out in the market. The company’s name may become popular on the web, but another area that needs the most attention is customer interaction. This cannot be catered by only maintaining a strong web image. This is the point where a fully functional call center is required so that any company could be able to improve customer relationships and future sales.  

Even if your customers have already purchased a product or service from you, there are instances, when they may feel confused and might want to communicate with you. If you don’t happen to have a well-connected call center in situations like these, there is a good chance you’ll lose a handful of potential customers. People these days have a lot of options to choose from and that is why you need to maintain a personal touch through customer support services.

If you fail at answering the questions and queries of your clients whenever they approach you, you are going on the wrong direction. Once you have maintained an appropriate website image, the first thing to do is to have a suitable customer support service. Whenever a customer is calling you, he/she is always looking for the best services. It is important for you to win your customers hearts by providing them with exceptional customer support service anytime, anywhere.

In order to make things easier for everyone, the all new mobile customer support service has been made available to businesses of all kinds. These days, almost everyone has a smartphone and keeping that in mind the mobile customer contact center services have been introduced. Today, anyone who visits an official call center website through mobile, can easily chat with the company representatives and even tell the personnel to call you. Having an agent call you through your smartphone seems easier than it sounds. Mobile call center services have completely revolutionized the way call centers used to function. The case study below will help you understand the mobile customer service system more easily.       


Simplified Procedures for Hotel Visitors

OYO Rooms is among the very few companies in India to launch the smartphone app that allows customers to directly book rooms from their smartphones. Besides that, the hotel visitors also get to order room service from their smartphone rather than relying on hotel telephone. With just a few clicks anyone can not only book a room, but book an entire vacation trip. Nobody has to physically visit the hotel or talk for long hours on the phone from home. The app automatically displays multiple rooms and their prices allowing you to choose your desired option almost instantly.  

In case of any inconveniences, the OYO cloud customer support was always there to provide customers with the perfect customer support, anytime, anywhere. Customer representatives could be easily contacted after just a few clicks and in no time OYO became one of the most popular smartphone app. This app may be slightly different, but is centered somewhat on the same concept and that is to provide a hindrance-free customer service to its users. If you also wish to provide mobile customer service at your call center, you need to keep in mind the following points.  

Around The Clock Availability of Call Center Agents to Answer Calls & Live Chat

There was a time when email and telephones were the only dependable means of communication. Today, that pattern has changed because smartphones are playing a major role in connecting businesses. Customers are no more required to stay on hold for multiple minutes due to busy telephone lines because they have the facility of the mobile customer support service that works according to their preferences. The routine of sending emails and waiting for days for reply are over because businesses as well as customers believe in quick results. Call center businesses have reached new heights after bringing smartphone customer support apps into picture. Procedures are not delayed anymore and customers are entertained whenever approached.


Diversified Call Center Tools and Equipment’s to utilize Cloud Technology   

If you own a call center and are looking for diversification, make sure to be well-equipped at all times. You can never experience positive results until or unless you have the right kind of tools to work with. Whenever you’re trying something new, it is important to be focused and ready to face all sorts of challenges. If you’ve decided to enter into the cloud contact center scene, be advised to have the best app programmers to immediately fix bugs and sharp customer representatives who can handle all sorts of challenging situations with ease.


Have a Clear Plan to Deliver Best Customer Services over Phone

Just like OYO rooms, you should also be confident and focused about your venture. You will witness many ups and downs and with effective strategy, you can reach new heights in the call center industry. If you’ve also decided to use mobile based cloud contact center services, you should always be ready to face all sorts of challenging scenarios. The best way to function smoothly is to learn from your mistakes and keep updating the system accordingly. Once you’ve reached that level of perfection, you are only going higher.  


Happy Costumers Experience, Means Positive Results

The internet and various mobile phone apps have raised the expectations of many customers. Times have changed and so have the perception of every single customer. Customer expectations have reached newer variations these days. It has become important for call centers to use multiple channels of communication in order to keep the clients happy. If they opt for email, we need to accommodate them through email. If they ask for live chat support, we must be ready to have that facility as well. To be exact, any call center service provider must be ready to entertain all kinds of demands on immediate basis in order to maintain strong relationships.


Customers, the Power of Any Business! So Let’s Establish a Powerful Clientele   

The ball is in the court of customers these days. A company may seem huge and well-established, but one unhappy customer can destroy its image in seconds. For example if you treated your customer unprofessionally, there is a good chance he/she might tweet about you or post poor Facebook statuses in your name. So whenever you pick up the phone, always handle your callers with care and help them until they are fully convinced and satisfied. A customer can easily hang up the phone and quite your services almost immediately. So, be patient and know that the customer is always right. 


Obtaining Customer Data anytime from anywhere through could computing systems

When your call center is fully equipped with mobile applications, it becomes easy for you to obtain all sorts of customer data. For example, if you want to carry a customer experience survey, you can simply locate them the moment they sign in from their smartphones and ask them to write a review or give stars. This smart and easy way of analyzing customer satisfaction ratio has helped many businesses to diversify and mold their products and services accordingly.


Improved Customer Satisfaction through Every Communication Channels

These days, customers are not bound or restricted in any way. They are free to choose multiple modes of interaction whenever they feel the need for it. The mobile application has provided millions of customers with a feeling of satisfaction and security by being there for them anytime they want help or assistance.


Access to Multiple Customer Support Channels through Mobile Apps  

There was a time when companies didn’t had many options to connect with their existing or new clients. Then came outbound calling and now there are mobile application services. Businesses of today. now have the ease to connect with their customers through multiple channels such as text messaging, web chat and emails. All these amenities go hand in hand with the mobile services in order to keep the customers hooked.  


Online Stores Benefiting from Mobile Apps to offer Customer Services

The ecommerce business has reached new heights in the past few years. Besides from selling their products via official websites, majority of the online companies have a mobile application as well. Customers can easily buy and cancel their purchases through their smartphones and even post their queries if need be. This new system is benefiting both the customers and the online business owners in a million different ways.


Social Media Playing a Major Role in Happy Customer Services Experience

More than 90% of your customers have their accounts on social media therefore, this area cannot be ignored these days. Your mobile application should be well-synced with social media websites preferably Facebook, so that online companies could easily post reviews on social media groups and enjoy improved sales and an increase in conversion rates.


Access to Live Video Chat for live chat support services

As mentioned above, OYO Rooms is the true example of hard work and diversification. They have provided customer with the ease to avail the video chatting services anytime they want to. All a customer is required to do is post a query and click on the option to video chat. The agents will immediately respond to that and provide customers with a face to face customer support service.


Maintaining the Customer Services Ethics is Essential  

Even if a company is heavily relying on its mobile based customer support services, it is extremely important to keep in mind customer service ethics. You are required to make sure that your customers are being treated well and provided with the right kind of services at the right kind of time. You should always avoid making them wait for too long and ensure that every single customer is being handled with care.  


Looking To Launch an App for Customer Support Services? Application Must Be Smooth

Launching an app is not all that you are required to do. You also have to make sure that it is completely responsive and easy to use. You don’t want to waste the time of your precious customers. Always have a team of competent and hardworking programmers and developers who make sure the app has a smart interface and is working smoothly at all times.


Responsiveness of Your Services

The customers will judge you by the quickness of your response, the moment they post a complaint. It is your duty as a customer support service provider to provide them with a prompt reply and help your customers as soon as possible. Keeping your customers wait, always gives a bad impression so never let that happen too often. Always try to be there for your customers whenever they need you.

The reason why you are a big shot in your respective industry is because of your customers. If they made you what you are today, they can also take it away from you if you don’t provide them with the support and attention that they deserve. Just make sure to always have the best tools, technology and people to work with and your customers will always remain loyal to you.     

Reference of Study:

Whole report has been made on behalf of Emenac call center services, A multichannel customer contact center based in Canada, offers call center, customer support and phone answering services and famous for its industrially skilled call center agents and phone operators.


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