Meet the snowy slopes of the Alps at Livigno

The highest town in Italy is located in the Swiss border and has received the nickname of Little Tibet due to its geographical location. This town is no other than Livigno, a well-known destination for eastern Europeans who look for the right mix of winter sports and amenities within a few-hour drive from their home towns. Thus, it is not a surprise that Ski apartments rentals are a common service in this destination. Thousands of visitors pick Livigno as the place to chill out in their holidays every year. Either in winter or summer, this lovely village is a great place to come anytime.

Among the factors that are more appealing to visitors at Livigno the following stand out: the size of the mountains, the altitude and the amount of snow in winter and the low prices in the region. Nowadays, the skiers have plenty of freedom in their itineraries and activities provided that it is even possible to ski off-piste. However, the cold season is not the only crowded period in the year, there are plenty of amenities in summertime at your disposal.

The airport transfers are currently a bit on the longer side in comparison to those of other destinations. Fortunately, once you get to the town everything goes smoother. For instance, the Alta Vatellina lift pass comprises Bormio and Santa Caterina. The former is located at an hour bus ride distance whereas the latter is just 20 minutes away from the village. Both bus services are included in the lift pass. Another interesting option is going on a one-day excursion to St. Moritz.

Renting your accommodation via Ski apartments rentals is the safest approach to assuring the comfort during your visit to the town. On the bright side, the reliability of the snow in the region is one strength of the village. This is one advantage of the geographical location of Livigno in the Italian-Swiss border. Regarding the ski options, there is a large selection of slopes for beginners who would like to learn from zero or improve their skills.

Moreover, the lift system is brand new and overall very impressive. The ski facilities in Livigno provide the right mix of comfort and modernization. As stated previously, the snow is 100% sure in this location but on top of that, the expenses are low in comparison to other ski resorts where the snow is assured. There is a lively environment in this alpine village that complements all the other strengths perfectly. If you are a fan of the outdoor activities on snow, such as going along cross-country trails, this is the best destination for you.

In Livigno, there are few pistes for advanced skiers so that most of the ski resorts are designed for beginners and intermediate users. In order to move from the village to the ski resorts, there are lifts that work during the opening hours. Visitors also count on the shuttle services to move from one place to another; unfortunately, the regular bus service does not always work on the evenings. So, you’d better ask for information about transportation when you first arrive in the town to make sure you do not miss the last bus after a day skiing at the resort. Moreover, having the phone number of the shuttle service at hand will prove to be quite handy in any case scenario; you never know when an evening plan will show up somewhere else in the town – and you will not want to arrive late, right?

All in all, ski apartments rentals like those that Livigno rentals puts at your disposal include the fundamental amenities with the right touch of comfort and a bit of luxury all in one package. Not only will you be able to have a charm place where to rest while in this town but you will have everything you may require at one phone call of distance away.

The professional staff that works on this rental service has several seasons of experience in their backs. Hence, you will have any aspect of your trip covered by the wide variety of activities that our pack offers in summer and winter. If you are a newcomer to the Alps, look for an expert’s advice to get the most out of your time. Livigno rentals will help you out with the preparations that you may need in every season of the year. In summer, have you will enjoy the scenery beauty hiking. In winter, you will have the best snowy slopes at your disposal to slide downhill.

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