5 Fastest Growing IT Skills in 2016 Tech Industry

Everywhere we can see that trends are changing by the influence of rapid technology advancement. A recent report from job search and hiring" href="" target="_blank">, It is difficult for tech experts to adopt themselves with the most recent trend in order to compete with different jobs and decide their future career moves. There are so many      in-demand tech skill areas for 2016, in that We have recognized 5 of the most surprising tech skill areas. We have collected this information from different surveys and employment market trends.

The top 5 fastest growing IT skills in 2016

  1. 1.   Big data

The numbers of Big Data related jobs are developing day by day, most of the companies are using Big Data for analyzing data to the expansion of their productivity and profitability. In the last few years, there is a surge in demand for big data skills.    

Moreover, in the 2016 survey, Big Data was no 1 on the list of technologies. To create new jobs, Big Data is becoming a necessary skill for those working in IT. Many companies that are looking for a competitive edge to influence Big data to gain understanding into customer behavior.


  1. 2.   DevOps 

In many of the organizations increasingly adopting DevOps culture. Among IT professionals, DevOps practitioners are getting the highest salary and also market demand is growing day by day because many organizations are adopting this culture for their profitability.


  1. 3.   Data science

Data Science provides cutting-edge learning solutions for the rapidly evolving Data Science organisations. Data Science offers altered projects across various levels and is designed particularly for organizations where such talent are in demand.




  1. 4.   Cloud Computing

Presently going about as the technological cornerstone for organizations over the globe, the development of Cloud Computing proceeds at a remarkable rate and also demand for Could Computing experts has increased day by day, with an adoption of cloud storage also provoking the requirement for more security experts and data analysts.


  1. 5.   Project management

2016 salary guide shows that Project Manager salaries are increasing every year and also it mentioned that PMP certification is the fastest growing certification in 2016. PMP certification can prompt a substantial increase in the payment. Get started PMP certification training from Graspskills as per the trend changes.


These 5 skills will definitely fast-track your career development and your success in business. If you want to see your career success get training from Graspskills. For more information click here



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