7 Common Faults That Can Prevent Your Motorcycle from Starting

7 Common Faults That Can Prevent Your Motorcycle from Starting

Starting a motorcycle on a cold winter morning can be one of the most difficult things to do. In addition to winter problems, motorcycles can also refuse to start even when the temperature is warm. There could be several reasons for the motorcycle refusing to start up. We have gathered 7 of the most common problems that could be preventing the motorcycle from starting up. Check these out!

Clogged carburetor

One of the common reasons for motorcycle not starting up is a clogged carburetor. In many times, carburetor can collect a lot of dust and debris during normal course of writing the motorcycle, which can block the carburetor from working in proper order. Check the carburetor for any dust or debris that could have been collected in the corners. You can clean it out with a little bit of petrol, or using a little bit of engine cleaner. If you do not know how to do that, consult an expert technician or local mechanic. As soon as you clean the carburetor, and put it back in place, the motorcycle should start up normally.

Loose clutch wire

You might not think this to be a problem but a loose clutch wire can prevent a motorcycle from starting up! This is particularly a problem if you stop the motorcycle while it was engaged on a gear. Resolving this problem is rather simple. All you need to do is adjust the tension on the clutch lever and tweak the settings a little bit so that the engagement is strong and proper. Just above the engine, The clutch connects with the engine through a wire, check for the wire and place where it connects with the engine , if it is loose, tighten it with the tools that came with the motorcycle.

Dirty spark plug

In motorcycles with a carburetor, a dirty spark plug can prevent a motorcycle from starting up. This can happen due to the deposition of carbon particles on the spark plug if your motorcycle has a spark plug come remove it from its socket carefully, and clean it with an Emery paper, or just wipe with a clean cotton cloth, you can also use an old toothbrush. Once the spark plug is clean, put it back in place and try to start a motorcycle once again, if it does not start up, consult a mechanic.

Dead battery

Did you check for the battery? During winter, batteries deplete quicker, and that could prevent the motorcycle from coming to life! if the battery has been on the motorcycle for more than 5 years, it might be time to replace it with a new unit. But before you can do that come the first thing that you need to do is bring a motorcycle to life command to do not you will have to either jog-start it, or find an alternative battery as a stopgap.

No fuel

Does your bike have fuel? One of the most common and ridiculous reasons why motorcycles Do not startup is because they do not have fuel! There could be multiple reasons for that. Check whether the fuel pipes are broken because that can lead to the fuel from completely leaking out of the tank during the night, or you may have consumed all the fuel the previous day. For whatever reason, if there is no fuel in the tank, the motorcycle will not start up which is obvious! Remedying the problem is quite simple, just get a little bit of fuel from different motorcycle, or a car and drive it straight to the petrol pump.

Kill switch engaged

Are you sure that you have disengaged the kill switch? in many cases, motorcyclist or not turn off the kill-switch and continue to do a lot of effort to bring the motorcycle to life, which will be all futile because the connection to the engine is completely disconnected! If this is a new motorcycle, checkout the manual for the kill switch, or if it is someone else's bike, get in touch with the person and find out how to disengage the kill switch if it was engaged earlier.

Blockage in fuel pipes

Finally, the most common problem for bike not starting up is a blockage in the fuel pipes. If some doctor every happened to get into the fuel tank while refueling the fuel tank might can get into the pipes and prevent the flow of petrol to the engine. If this is the problem, there is no shortcut solution unfortunately and you'll have to take the motorcycle to a mechanic for a complete flush out.

Always make sure to check for all of these problems and have all the right riding gear such as a high quality premium two-wheeler helmet, jacket and gloves while riding.

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