Diwali Gift Exchange Tradition: Significance of Gifting Sweets

Diwali is a festival of lights that people of the entire communities join together to celebrate the festival of lights. It provides you a reason to spend time with your family, friends and closed ones. Along with celebration during this time, exchanging gifts and sweets among family and friends have been a tradition for long period and also its very popular way of expressing your feelings of joy and happiness towards your loved ones.

The tradition of giving gifts and sweets to the loved ones considered to be an important ritual in this festival. During Diwali people visits temples and offer worships to gods and goddesses and visits their relatives home and burn crackers all together.

As stated above, Diwali is also the time of making delicious, tasty sweets and gifting those sweets to the friends and family. There is a range of Diwali special sweets and snacks prepared in different parts of India starting from laddus, kaju barfis or fusion sweets.



Here is some Diwali recipe which you can make with your own hand for your closed one sitting at home made in various part of India.


In the state of Maharashtra people makes a various range of sweets during Diwali like laddus made up of rava, besan laddu and different shapes of gujiya. These gujiyas are made interesting by using sugar, oil and flour. They taste really delicious and are made almost each house of the state.

Bengalis in West Bengal who are known well for their dessert item sticks to their famous tempting sweet Rosogolla and apart from it, they also prepare sandesh of different shape and size. Diwali special recipe 2016 in Punjab is known for its unique sweet dishes like pooda and the yummy gaajar ka halwa. Panjiri is another kind of a sweet dish that is made up of wheat flour.


Gujratis are also not lack behind; they prepare sweets like khandvi, ravadhokla, shrikhand and others. Shrikhand is a kind of a sweet curd and the flavor of the curd is mango. Diwali special Faral is actually a kind of a dish prepared in Maharashtra especially at the time of Diwali to give to family and friends as a gift. The word ‘Faral’ is a Marathi word which means the amalgamation of various kinds of Diwali sweets and snacks.  Generally Faral includes Laddu made up of Coconut, Besan Laddu, Chivda, Chakli and many more.

diwali faral.jpg

In the southern states also they prepare some exclusive sweets for Diwali. The most preferred sweet made in the southern state is coconut laddu and they also add coconut milk into it. A pudding is made known as Payasam, where a large number of fresh fruits are added. In Rajasthan, many Diwali sweets are prepared in the shape of the cutlet. A kind of cashew sweet is prepared which looks very adorable and tastes very nice.

In older days it was a mandatory tradition in many parts of India to visit their relatives and exchange sweets and gifts. But now sweet boxes are sent instead of visiting the relatives physically. Thus a festive season will remain incomplete without sweets.

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