Diwali offers 2016: Bring in the Breeze with Voltas AC on EMI

With global warming taking a toll on our environment, weather changes have been drastic. The summers were intolerable even in the cool areas of the country. Monsoons too are being affected, with less rainfall and rising temperatures. These changes have left us wondering what winter might have in store.

Nevertheless, there’s no realistic hope for cool summers ahead; an air conditioner for your home has long been an essential purchase, even in cities which once had pleasant temperatures. During India’s festive October, most banks and NBFCs launch generous Diwali shopping offers that make this period an ideal time to make those much longed-for purchases for you and your home.

Before you set out to getting a loan packed with these exciting Diwali offers, decide upon the best air conditioner for your home—one that isn’t priced extravagantly, and still has all the features that you’re looking for.


Voltas AC on EMI

Financiers like Bajaj Finserv offer loans on luxury gadgets for your homes through either Personal Loans or as Durable Finances, allowing you to fill your homes with the necessary electronic devices for added comfort.

Whether it’s a TV, washing machine, refrigerator, a microwave oven, or even a smartphone, the loan has got you covered. Additionally, some lenders offer Extended Finances that help you buy those accessories that make your gadget complete. For instance, a home theatre system would enhance the performance of your LED TV and you may also want to buy an inverter along with it to enjoy an undisturbed movie time with your family.


Online Diwali offers available for those of you looking to buy an AC on EMI include giving away cash-back offers, gold vouchers, smartphones and smartwatches, and other gift vouchers. Let’s take a quick look at the top 3 Voltas ACs that you should consider when you buy AC with EMI Card.

Top 3 Voltas ACs of the Season

Voltas, being an undoubtedly amazing choice in air conditioners, is a great choice when it comes to AC on no cost EMIs. Here’s a list of the top three products that you can consider, that fit your budget and are high on performance.

  • Voltas 1 Ton 5 Star 125 EY-IMR Split AC

With a 5 star rating and an AC capacity of one ton, this air conditioner comes with a rotary compressor. Its anti-bacterial filter, catechin, and other filters ensure your home’s hygiene is not just maintained but also enhanced.




It also has an excellent cooling capacity and an energy save option. Available in two modes—sleep mode and turbo mode—along with additional features like LED display, Fungusproof, LCD Remote Timer, Swing, and Dual Temperature Display among several others, this AC comes at a convenient price of within Rs. 35,000.

  • Voltas 183 CY Split AC

With a 3 star rating and a power consumption rate that won’t leave your electricity bills draining your pockets, the 183 CY is a great choice for your home.


Priced reasonably at about Rs. 35,000, this AC is a good choice to buy during the Diwali offers, 2016. Features like an amazing cooling capacity, a minimal noise level, sleep timer, remote control, and air swing, the air condition fits your needs and your budget right.

  • Voltas 123 Lyi 1 Ton 3 Star Split AC

Yet another great make from Voltas, the 123 Lyi AC has a 3 star rating and a cooling capacity of 3200W.

It offers a lower power consumption than its predecessors but also has fewer features, although the basic and essential features are covered. These features include auto restart, cross-flow, air swing, remote control, sleep timer, and an anti-fungal clean option to maintain hygiene in your homes.

With a comparatively lower price of about Rs. 30,000, this AC, despite its simple features is a highly powerful device.


While these three air conditioners are great choices that meet your demands of high quality and moderate budget, there are other models available too, that might better suit your requirements.

Ensure you look through all the specs before deciding upon a model. Also ensure your financier provides a loan on the particular model and make sure you check out the additional benefits that the festive offers provide.

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