Titanfall 2 Review - Is It Really Worth The Hype?

By William

Is Titanfall 2 a worthy sequel? Is it really good, folks? It's kind of a mixed bag and there are many things that are indeed good and some not so great.

In this comprehensive Titanfall 2 Review, we will discuss in detail.

First of all, it is indeed a great fun to play this game and in fact, lots of brownie points for the user interface.

Though, the game changes drastically from one segment to another; it is still fun and very engaging. However, you need to get hold of the maps, mode combination, and understand/interpret the flow. Many sections including modes without bots pit puts you right in front of pilots are indeed challenging. And, this is the best part about the sequel. It's dark and challenging. Imagine, taking out a pair of pilots suddenly can check your gaming abilities. Next, depositing a huge chunk of cash into the bank in a perfect Bounty Hunt is indeed great fun considering the challenges behind it.

The three game modes are awesome at this moment and feel alright. Bounty Hunt includes taking out the ferocious AI bots and deposit bounties in a race. Next, the Amped Hardpoint is more of an improved version including a small twist on traditional A/B/C capture points. These points are further elementary to gain extra points and beef up your account easily. Pilots vs. Pilots are a Titan free mode and adding bots increases the fun factor considerably.

The best part about Titanfall 2 Gameplay is that it is really fantastic and you can enjoy a lot of freebies if you play the game well.

Titanfall 2 includes a meter that goes up based on your performance. If you perform well, there are some surprises waiting for you. I will not reveal the surprises. It's for you to check it out, but let me tell you they are cool.

The scoring system is now based on the Assault Points, Defense Points, and kills. It may not appeal to someone who loves instinctive gaming and want to learn more by hit and trial. Strategy makers can still beef up their scores using calculated risks.

Though, lack of Titan Timers and poor choice of keeping sidearm/anti-Titan Gun as the selection is baffling and not so much cool. Lack of AI bots and Bounty Hunt being a weaker mode are few more prominent bad points of this sequel.

Though, you can watch Titanfall 2 Stream on Twitch OR look for gaming videos and tips on YouTube before you start playing it, dude!

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