How Does Diabetes Affect Your Kidneys?

How Does Diabetes Affect Your Kidneys?

Your kidneys are essential to your overall well-being as they filter waste from the body. This keeps your body clean and free of toxins. Diabetes is a condition in which your blood sugar levels are much higher than normal, leading to numerous health problems, including kidney failure. In fact, diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure all over the world. Hence, it is essential to understand how this disease can impact your kidneys and what you can do to prevent kidney damage.


How Does Diabetes Impact Your Kidneys?


Everything in your body reacts with each other in different ways. With diabetes, the high blood sugar reacts with smaller blood vessels and capillaries in your system by damaging them. These small blood vessels are responsible for draining blood into the kidneys, where they can be filtered for waste. However, when these vessels are damaged, blood does not flow into the kidneys appropriately. This makes it much harder for the urinary system to do its job.


Due to this, your body may retain toxins, salt, and large amounts of water. Conversely, you may also lose essential proteins in your urine.


Another reason why diabetes affects the urinary system is that the disease can lead to nerve damage. This damage can lead to an inability to empty your bladder properly. Pressure from a full bladder can cause damage to the kidneys. Moreover, urine with high sugar levels can be ideal breeding grounds for bacterial infection. So, the longer it remains in your bladder, the higher the chances of developing a bladder infection.


Is Kidney Failure Reversible?


Kidney failure is not reversible, however, doctors will try to slow down the progression of the problem for as long as possible. To do so, your doctor may put you on ACE inhibitors. You may have to visit a nephrologist who can work with you closely to structure a renal diabetic diet. You may be asked to restrict your protein intake. Patients with kidney failure must visit their doctors regularly to monitor the progression of the problem.  


If your kidneys function at less than 10% of their capacity, you are considered to be in end-stage renal failure. What this means is that your kidneys can no longer perform their function and keep you healthy. Patients in end-stage renal failure are put on dialysis machines. These machines clean your blood of toxins and waste. Dialysis procedures occur thrice weekly in most patients. If the patient is on dialysis, doctors will also recommend a kidney transplant.


How Can You Prevent Kidney Failure If You Have Diabetes?


The key to preventing any diabetes-related complications, including kidney failure, is to manage the disease properly. If you do not manage your blood sugar levels, then you put yourself at risk for developing a host of health problems. To prevent kidney disease, you must:


  • Control your diabetes by indulging in a diabetes-friendly diet.

  • Exercise at least 30 minutes every day.

  • Consult a doctor immediately if you suffer from frequent UTIs to rule out kidney problems.

  • Restrict the use of OTC painkillers as they can cause damage to your kidneys.

  • Monitor your blood glucose levels at home regularly.


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