Are you getting bored with your old phones? Want to sell smartphones?

When it comes to electronics using the same device or gadget in the long run becomes boring as there are new inventions and launches almost each day. In this era, where almost to get done  any work we need the help of a Mobile Phone, it is very common to be bored of a Mobile Phone irrespective of its brand or model.

As we have seen a huge technological shift or we can also call it as upgradation, each smartphone is different and has many unique features added as per to keep up with the trends in the competitive market. Hence, it is nothing new if you feel that your phone needs to be changed quicker than you used to in the past times.

It has mostly become important to switch to new phones as we need the following features in day to day life

Internet banking

Basic things such as updating passbooks, passwords, checking balance, account transfer or opening fixed deposits have become easier with internet banking.

Paying for goods and services

Avoiding cash payments and Making payments through mobile banking or E wallets is the new way of dealing with transactions.

Staying connected with our colleagues

Gone are the times when you only had the option of sending a text message that too for higher costs. We all agree it has become easy to stay connected with friends and family because of the technological improvements.

Sharing pictures and stories via social media

Sharing pictures and all story updates of our daily lives can be posted or grasped today just within few moments. Social media is a whole new technological invention which is easily useable through android phones and smartphones.

Browsing the internet

Surfing or browsing on the internet was done only through computers back then but now it has become more convenient to browse the internet with the latest mobile phones and their features.

Navigating to specific locations

Navigation is a whole unique invention. Back in the days when people had to roam with a map and figure out distances, today navigation in latest mobile phones help  not only to navigate but also know the distance, timing, and traffic.

Working outside the office

Today this is no new thing that most of us answer work emails, make presentations and do most of the office work on phone as it is handy and can be done anywhere and anytime. All credits to the major technological advances.

Major changes we have seen in the upgrading features of mobile phones:-

Screen sizes

Screen sizes have evolved for the betterment. From small black and white screens to colourful huge touchscreen smartphones we all have experienced the difference between them.


Shape of the mobile phone also matters a lot today. Every time a phone is launched the shape of it and the screen in more innovative. Sharp and curvy edges of the screen or even the slimness of the whole device for it to be more handy.


We absolutely can not forget the days when we just had to limit our pictures or documents just because we had limited storage and had to depend on SD memory cards. Today there are smartphones with a huge lot of internal storage space and also with features like google photos storage can be bought as per our requirements.

Passcode to fingerprint and face sensors

Privacy is very important and hence we came yo to see this significant feature of maze locks shifting to passcodes and fingerprint or face unlock sensors.

Camera quality

The camera quality is next level today. With night mode and powerful flashlights and many other features today a camera in a smartphone works just like a professional camera.

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