A Brief Introduction About Pharmaceutical Packaging Solutions

The containment of the product is the most basic function of pharmaceutical packaging. The needs of the product, manufacturing system and distribution system play an important role in the design and structure of healthcare packaging solutions. Good packaging solutions protect the product against leak, permeation and diffusion and, they strongly hold the contents when subjected to tough handling situations.

Optimal protection

The bestpackaging solutions always protect the products against all hostile or adverse influences. Improper packaging can adversely affect the quality or potency of a product. For example external sources like moisture, biological contamination, light, oxygen, adulteration and mechanical damage can have a negative impact on the quality or potency of a pharmaceutical product.


Proper information

When it comes to medicinal products, packaging is a vital source of information and people form a clear cut idea about the ingredients and the quality of a product by reading the information available on the packaging.


Identification purpose

Printed packs or ancillary printed components offer the much needed identity and information about the product.



There is lot of convenience associated with the packaging of the product. Quite naturally, it lowers the risks involved with cross contamination. For instance, it is clearly written on the packet whether it is an ear drop or an eye drop.


Primary packaging system

It is thefirst material that comes in contact with the product and holds the product properly. This packaging system can have a direct effect on the shelf life of a product. You can find several examples and they include IV containers, prefilled syringes and so on.

Secondary packaging system

Secondary packaging system is the one which covers the primary packaging.Packaging systems like printed folding cartons, boxes, injection trays and shipping containers fall under this category.


Tertiary packaging system

These are mainly used for bulk shipping and handling purposes. Different things like edge protectors, container and barrel fall under this category.


Latest advancements in packaging solutions


Generally speaking, most medicines are being taken orally in form ofcapsules and tablets and, pharmaceutical bottles and blister packs are used to pack these types of items. Other items like liquids, pastilles and powders are also packed in the same way.  Today, you can find many other methods of taking medicines and they include inhalation, transdermal and intravenous as well. Suchchanges have made a huge impact on the  printed packaging solutions industry.The need for customized packaging solutions that ensure the effectiveness of the medicines has increased more than ever before.


If you want to protect your pharmaceutical products in the best manner while transporting them to the distributors as well as to the customers, you should identify a reliable and reputed packaging solutions service provider. Since various companies have come up with different types of solutions, identifying a reputed one has become a difficult task and it is absolutely essential to conduct proper research before arriving at a conclusion.


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