E-Commerce: From Scratch to Success

E-Commerce: From Scratch to Success

E-commerce is what most of the population relies on today. Whether you are a busy student, working couple or even a senior citizen, e-commerce has made life easy by bringing shopping into your hands. Everything you want can be delivered at your doorstep. Retail stores that are not yet a part of this system have suffered from a lack of patrons, and the pandemic situation has just made it worse.


This situation is intense enough to adopt e-commerce and help your business flourish, but when you need to start from scratch, expert guidance for devising an e-commerce business strategy will be required. Here are some steps that you can take to start your e-commerce journey and get ahead.


Website Design

The technical part of setting up the website can be taken care of by a web designing company, but you must ensure that all the product details fed in are correct and you have lots of authentic images of each. Since the visuals are the only connection that the buyer can have with the product, this must be of excellent quality.


Reach Your Audiences

Identifying your audiences will depend on what you are selling. Are you planning to be a general store or is your market product specific? In either case, you will need to grow your customer base by reaching out to them through marketing. Since everything is online, your marketing too, can be the same. Social media marketing is an excellent place to start. Getting people to like your page is a measure that you have managed to reach them. It is the first step to growth. If you can impress them, they will help you get more like them, and your business will grow.


Differentiate Yourself

There is a lot of e-commerce out there and if you have something to share with the world, make it uniquely yours. You must sell your USP to your target audience, something that the other stores cannot offer. Give the audience something that fills a need gap and communicate it to them. That should be an excellent way to set the ball rolling. But you need to identify that specific need gap and go for it.


Build Your Brand

Once the technical aspects of the website have been taken care of, you will need to bring the customers to the website and ensure that they spend time, browse and purchase. To get them to your site, you can use links to products through social media marketing. You can also opt for SEO, content marketing and affiliate marketing. Referrals from happy customers do a lot to build a brand.


Content Creation

Produce content around your products while ensuring that it answers a question or a need in your consumers. Use keywords that can lead the consumers to your content and your website. Make the website engaging and easy to use. Have detailed product information and remember to use the keywords intelligently. Video content is popular and grabs the attention of the consumers easier.


From the moment a consumer lands on your website, the shopping experience must be enjoyable. An easy-to-navigate website, well-organised menus, product images and details will all help in getting a satisfied customer, but to complete a sale, the final stage is critical. The checkout must be smooth and not spring any unpleasant surprises. With this taken care of and constant efforts from your side, the business can flourish.


Paxcom by Paymentus offers e-commerce services that help brands and sellers to optimize their digital commerce strategies for e-commerce and omni-channel growth. A part of Paxcom’s portfolio of services is B2C/B2B Website creation and development which offers a wealth of features and capabilities to create a brand’s own eCommerce website. Get in touch with Paxcom’s team of experts for more details. 

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