Outlook the Best Video Conferencing Technology with the Robust Zoom Clone

Outlook the Best Video Conferencing Technology with the Robust Zoom Clone



A communication technology that is blending in both the internal and external communication of your workplace is video conferencing. Organizations are planning to adapt to new technologies such as this due to the success it yields. The video conferencing technology has helped businesses connect and transform the way they interact despite the factors like time zones and geographical distances.


It has brought people together just like mimicking face-to-face interactions but in a digital environment. By using the right video technology, employees can have access to screen sharing and file sharing. Video conferencing also plays a significant role in making meetings efficient; which is essential as most people rely on this. In just America, there are over 11 million meetings per day. 


So, in case you have hesitancy in deciding the business, then launching a video conferencing app like Zoom is the best solution for exploring success. Let’s now take an in-depth look into how video conferencing is essential in communication and how beneficial it can be from a business perspective. 


How useful is video conferencing from the business perspective?


Due to the demand for virtual work because of the COVID-19 pandemic situation, the video conference technology’s importance is also increasing rapidly. According to the researches, the global video conferencing market, which was worth $3.85 billion in 2019, is projected to grow at a rate of 9.9% by the year 2027. 


Looking at the importance of video conferencing, Facebook has announced its plan about expanding Facebook Live and message features that can connect up to 50 people. This move from the social media tycoon to compete with the video conferencing app like Zoom, Google meet has given us proof that video chatting/conferencing is exploring with popularity post the Coronavirus. 


Perks of video conferencing:

There are many business leaders and employees who travel to attend the board or client meetings for many collaborations and other purposes. They rely on business travel to keep in touch with their clients, for marketing their products and sales. Due to the video conferencing, there has been a massive change in how meetings are held nowadays. 

But, also note that the benefits are not just confined to reduced business travel. There are many more perks that it offers, and here are some of them.


Increased interaction:

Face-to-face meetings are mostly either conducted by just one-on-one basis or involve only a limited number of people, since collaborating with a larger number of people can make things unmanageable. But video conferencing allows a large number of people to participate in the meetings irrespective of the constraints due to geographical locations and other factors. 


Scaled-down travel expenses:

One crucial aspect for the success of an organization is the business travel, but it includes a lot of expenses. As the video conferencing app allows face-to-face interaction, it can replace business travels, thereby reducing the efforts, time, and some unnecessary travel expenses like accommodation, food, etc.


Productivity can be regained with the video conferencing, as the meeting timings are shorter. It helps organizations to increase the productive time by totally cutting-off travel expenses. 


Conducive work-life balance:

In today’s digital workspace, the work style of the corporates means less business travel, dynamic locations, and flexible work schedule. Businesses are allowing their employees to work by adjusting their work hours so that they could accommodate their personal life along with their choice to work from anywhere. Having this flexibility will prevent employees from getting frustrated, thereby having a  healthy work-life balance.


Factors that actually affect employees’ mindset to work are low job satisfaction, colossal work pressure, stress etc. that can be subsided using flexible and convenient working hours. 


Better collaboration and productivity:

Companies now have to start to believe that video conferencing has yielded more engagement even in the digital environment. Reducing travel requirements have maximized the working time of employees. Having video chat with their clients, partners, and employees have boosted productivity in organizations. 


Collaborating via video chatting helps to avoid misunderstanding that can be caused over phone calls and emails. As it delivers a complete message, the participants can clarify the information in real-time. It maximizes the productivity of human resources and helps participants remain in sync with the objectives of meetings. 


Heightened employee satisfaction:

The most healthy and happy people are ones who remain productive. Video conferencing helps in a great way to achieve the satisfaction of employees. Travelling frequently for business meetings can take an immense amount of physical toll. But when replaced, it could result in great pleasure to the employees, which would obviously increase the performance rate and productivity rate.

According to researchers, working from home gives similar productivity like working from the office does. It is also helping employees in balancing their professional and personal life. 


As a final thought, in the upcoming years, video conferencing will shift from being just an option to a necessity for businesses. Video conferencing is all set to become a new normal replacing global travel and collaborations.

Businesses understand the importance of their communication. So launching your own Zoom clone for business can benefit several people across the world. Get started with choosing the right solution now!

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