How to troubleshoot Orbi router’s wifi offline issue?

How to troubleshoot Orbi router’s wifi offline issue?

Orbi system cover all areas in your house, no corner will be remains dead or without any connectivity. Orbi transmit signals from modem to all over your house. Sometime base station goes offline due to different technical reasons.
Offline issue cause different problems for a long time. It cause weak internet connection and also modem connectivity issue occurs. Orbi WiFi offline issue cause different issue like access of web page will be denied, other devices will get disconnected automatically. If network of Orbi system went offline, follow the various steps listed below for troubleshooting.
* Connect your modem to internet with the help of strong wire connection.Connect modem with the help of Ethernet cable. If your Orbi system is still appearing offline contact to customer support helpline for help.
* If your devices are unable to initiate connection with Orbi but internet connection is available, try to re-plug main power cord of Orbi WiFi router.
* If after above steps Orbi still remains offline then make sure all connecting cable of your device will be secure and tight.
* Try to refresh all connections and power cycle or Orbi system.
* Make sure firmware of Orbi system must be updated.
* Do factory reset once.
* Switch power adaptor into enable state.
* Try to renew IP address for network adaptor.
* Make sure the password that you’re using is correct and must followed sensitive case guidelines.
If after these above steps you’re Orbi system remains offline, contact to customer support helpline.

Orbi system is designed to transmit wifi signals all over your house to avoid slow internet. Orbi system required setup before using, sign in with Orbi account and set it up first.
Orbi requires update after certain time interval, make sure you update firmware by time to avoid any dis-connectivity. Update need to be done within certain time interval.
Follow the steps below to update the firmware of Orbi system. Before proceeding updating process make sure check whether your firmware is for update or not. After checking follow the steps listed below.
* Go to Orbi’s website
* Login with your Orbi’s email and password. Make sure you’re using correct email and password.
* Click on Advance option and then click on option “Firmware Update”.
* Update process of firmware on Orbi Satellite.
* Go to online website of Orbi netgear in order to receive update on your device.
* Click on option “Manual Update”.
* Select model of your Orbi satellite and tick on the checkbox if prompt on screen.
* Click on option “Update”.
* Enter your password which you used for router before.
* Upload the downloaded file to Orbi.
This process may take few minutes to get completed. After update there are many errors which will remove automatically.
1. Orbi netgear is not able to connect to internet.
2. Firmware of Orbi system not able to update.
3. Not able to connect with router and satellite.
4. Extender getting disconnected frequently.
5. Not able to sync Orbi through phone or computer.
If you’re not able to update firmware of Orbi, contact to customer support. We will help you instantly.

Orbi system provide single network for your house. No corner of your house will remain without internet connectivity. No matter how many devices you connect with Orbi wifi system its connection speed will never going to be slow.
Before using Orbi wifi system make sure you register this system with Orbi application.
Follow the steps given below to setup Orbi system.
* Replace battery if it is using backup one but unplug modem first.
* Plug in modem.
* Find the yellow internet port and connect modem to it with the help of Ethernet cable.
* Plug in Orbi router to a power source. Make sure the light behind the Orbi router must be solid if it’s not then check the source of power.
* Check Orbi router ring and wait till light to be solid then pulse solid.
* For best coverage of connectivity place Orbi satellite into middle of your house.
* Plug in Orbi satellite to power source.
* Orbi satellite’s ring light will be solid white first then it will change to magenta.
* Connect Orbi router or satellite to your computer or phone with the help of Ethernet cable or wifi connection.
* Download Orbi application from online store of your phone or you can login through Orbi website from computer for complete setup of Orbi wifi system.
* After setup the light of Orbi’s ring will get off.
If you’re having any trouble while setting up Orbi wifi system, contact to customer support. We will help you out.


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